LEOPARDMiLKSHAKE: Urban Survival Kit

The boys at LEOPARDMiLKSHAKE know a thing or two about style in the big city.

Here’s their guide for Fall/Winter 2012 must-owns:

1. Nasir Mazhar Waxed Based Ball Cap
2. Givenchy leather back-pack
3. Givenchy magnetic horn ear-rings
4. Be and D “Brightlights” Sneaker
5. Oak NYC leather rider pant
6. Buffalo “1345-30″ Sneaker
7. Vitange leather padded Chanel sunglasses
8. DIY leather lunchbag
9. KTZ “Champion” Boot (coming to Solestruck 9/12)
10. The Damned “Corgan” boot

  • Parker

    Love it all so much.