We have teamed up with the amazing team at DOLCE VITA to bring you VIP and PRE-SALE access to our top pick from their fall collection. Several months ago when we first saw this boot—our buying team had one of those….”OMGAREYOUKIDDINGMEGIVEITTOMENOW!” moments.

The JEMMA, a 90′s meets runway inspired, ankle boot is all kinds of shoe perfection. We have now worked with DV to bring this to you as early in the season as possible—because we know a boot this amazing knows no season. Coming to the site in RED, BLACK and CHEETAH print–we anticipate our regulars to go bananas over this style—later in the season we will be dropping a  WINE color–but for now—we are offering a VERY limited pairs pre-sale opportunity on this item.

Pre-sale with us is easy—make your purchase in the size and color you pre-fer, we then work with Dolce Vita to get these boots into our warehouse as quickly as possible. The same day we receive them—the go into a UPS box and are turned around to you. You receive a love note from our shipping department—and then all that is left to do is to stalk, refresh, and hound the site until they arrive in your arms.

Available in BLACK, RED and LEOPARD, we will have these in our shipping facility by late July–and we promise to ship them out no later than August first. Three colors, limited pairs, and only at Solestruck can you get your hands on these early. Why wait?

  • EPS

    Is there any chance you’ll be able to get these incredible boots in a size smaller than 6???