Like the best night you have ever had.

The kind of night were you are dancing non-stop, the music gets better and better. You never want it to end. I present you—the WILMA in GLTTER. LIMITED qtys.

  • megan

    OMG! They better stay in stock until Wed-my name is all over that gold glitter. Nothing says jesus’ birthday better than these bad boys.

  • Tamara

    made this a moment ago, I dream them, anyway, I’m gonna make this shirt for real! Regards from Serbia!

  • Tamara

    The Night I had my first gig, and was last year, I took the mic, and just knew I have to face it, it’s all I ever wanted, and in that very moment my dream began, and the magic is on and on each time I’m performing!Just like I was hoping, I could almost cry every time hundreds of people on some open festival sing a song along with me, and than I close my eyes and thank coz it’s finally me on the stage!

  • Kristine Kenins

    The best night i ever had was the night before my flight to London for my europe trip ( or so i thought) which i had been saving and working my but off for ages, as every one was out except for my housemate/best friend so we were drinking wine and chatting for ages and were were having the best night then we headed out to party and we spent the whole night out dancing to great music. Little did i know but my flight left at 2.15 am not pm : ( proved to be a very interesting morning tired from dancing. I say any of the nights out were the music is great and keeps you on the dance floor are great nigths out : P