BASSIDE is comprised of two super babes, Carolina Villalba and Linda Attias, who hail from Miami, FL and in short, are just here to MAKE. YOU. DANCE. We teamed up with them to shoot a special lookbook collab with our in-house brand YES, and in celebration, they made mix CDs that will go inside the first 100 pairs of YES purchased after this launch! We also sat them down (via email, like the 2014 world has taught us to) and really got to know the girls behind the bass.


NAME(S): Carolina Villalba, Linda Attias
AGE(S): 25
C: I can kiss my own butt
L: I can eat a whole large pizza in one sitting and not gain a pound (knock on wood)



So, for those who are not in the hip Miami scene and stuck under a rock- tell us a little about BASSIDE and how it came to be. How did you two meet?
C: we met in 8th grade when I was 12 and linda was 13 we didn’t go to the same school but we used to hang out at the same mall
L: my sister would sneak u in to her shows when we were 14 and 15 (she was in Avenue D) as long as we promised not to take our clothes off.
Every time we’d go out we had chants we would recite that rhymed and they would catch on. “booty shorts” being the one that stuck the most, we turned it into a song a few years later



Speaking of Miami, what’s it really like to live there? Is it more than the short shorts and tourists we’re led to believe it is?
If you’re not FROM Miami, and you’re not visiting someone local, it IS all short shorts and tourists, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with booty shorts. If you’re lucky enough to be chilling with locals, Miami is really incredible. The scene is small and everyone basically knows each other which is cool because everyone knows your name, like Cheers: the city. Two weeks out of the year Miami transforms into another universe. Art Basel and WMC (which we like to call “spring break”) these are the only times we get to meet people from out of town and the whole city fills up with an exciting energy.

Have you seen any of the Real Housewives of Miami out and about?
L: I have no idea what they look like, so maybe?
C: Yea, the one with the monster face




What’s your guilty pleasure(s)?
C: That really stupid song “I DON’T CARE! I LOVE IT!” … and strippers.
L: 5am fried cheese from El Yambo. If you don’t know what that is, look it up!

How did you find your “sound”? If you could describe a “vibe” you get from your music, what would it be?
We grew up listening to a lot of old Miami booty bass ( like 2 live crew and splack pack ) and freestyle, (like diamond girl and dreamboy/dreamgirl) unfortunately all that music was before our time. We weren’t really old enough to really feel Miami when it was bassing hard. We kind of feel like we got a little jipped, since that stuff was really the best music that came out of Miami. We want to bring back that vibe, and give people a feel of what Miami used to represent. we wanna make people feel the fire inside them like we do every time we hear the song “cmon ride that donkey”.


Fashion wise- what’s the one thing you could never live without?
C: My cap
L: Hoop earings


Tell us about the best show you’ve ever done. Any crazy band stories?
One of the first shows we played a long time ago we opened up for a group called the Miami bass warriors, we had these outfits that were sexy-animal print-lost in the jungle- on fire- style. And we had a dance troop called “Dancestacy” (that we were also a part of) backing us up. There was easily 300 people there and it was the first time we could really see how people felt about it. And it felt really good. That little taste was what got us to keep going.
We opened up for 2live crew once, without luke so it wasn’t REALLY them, but it was pretty fantastic because now we can always say that. It was funny because the place was huge and packed and after we finished half of the audience left before 2live crew went on.

If you could bone anyone just once, who would it be and why?
C: Ciara, because duh
L: Same



With women like M.I.A. speaking up about her label wanting her to create a “happier” record and her saying “no, fuck you, I’m gonna do what I want”- where do you think the future of the industry lies? Is it going back to just making music for the sake of expression or will it always be about the $$?
We don’t care about the expression or the money. We just wanna make people dance.. like the kind of music that makes you wanna say “HOLD MY PURSE! I LOVE THIS SONG”

If you could collab with anyone- who would it be and what would it sound like?
Juicy J is hot right now; we’ve been into him for a really long time. We went to a 3 6 mafia show when were about 16 and it changed our lives. Although we have different style music, it’d be REALLY fun to smoke a blunt with him and see what comes out- it would probably sound like an orgasm in your ears that you would feel in your butt.


Something really really cool- you made 100 CDs for us to give away! Tell us about putting that together and what we can expect to hear?
It was a little stressful, but fun at the same time. I set up a little station in my kitchen with mine and my sisters computer and burned each CD one by one, it probably took about 4 or 5 hours (I wasn’t paying attention) but what really sucked is I did it the day before I had to ship them out. Our guy that was mixing the songs didn’t get them back to us until 3 days after he said they’d be ready. Luckily, it all worked out, we just didn’t have as much time as planned. Hopefully you can expect to dance, our producer—dj manuvers—played QLCL at the club he was spinning at and the response was really good.


What awesome things are BASSIDE doing in 2K14?
The mixtape we made is only step one, were going to have a full album drop by the summer along with some sexy bass-y videos. And were working on setting up a tour shortly after that.


Like we mentioned before, these super rad CDs are in limited supply! There’s only 100 and the only way to get one is to be one of the first 100 people to buy a YES shoe. Want a taste of what you’ll hear?

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