Looks for Less Tuesday: Privileged!

Alright, so short story.

I went to grade school with Michael Cassidy. Yes, the “heartthrob” who’s had roles on The OC (remember Summer’s pre-Seth boyfriend Zach, anyone?), Smallville, and the movie Zoom.

I didn’t know him very well (he was maybe two years ahead of me?), but damn when I found out he got a role on The OC, I went home, scoured my closet, and pulled out a sixth-grade yearbook that he’d signed (we were both in the play Annie…he was Daddy Warbucks, and I was the snotty orphan Pepper) and showed all my friends.

So when my sister and I heard from his dad that he’d be in another pilot series this fall, we of course had to watch.

In Privileged, he plays the best friend of lead Megan. And while it’s kind of fun seeing someone I “know” and shared a driver’s ed course with (no joke), Cassidy wasn’t really what caught my eye the first episode.

Megans episode-one Rocket Dogs.

It was Megan’s shoes.

Yup. That’s how much of a nerd I am.

I see her walking around fancy schmantzy Palm Beach, Florida, wearing dainty little plaid sneakers. And I think to myself, “Those look like Rocket Dogs.”

Well, my incredibly keen observations were confirmed when, at the end of the opening credits, a desk was shown with a computer, and Megan’s criss-crossed feet wearing the Rocket Dog Zombie.

Solestruck has other similar Rocket Dog shoes, like the Snippy and the Zebra, featured here.

While has this style in limited sizes (it was uber-popular and is almost sold-out!), there are a few other similar options if you’re jonesin’ to emulate your favorite TV character this season.

For something strikingly alike, and in a fanciful array of colors, check out the Rocket Dog Snippy, for only $34.95 on It’s still made of ultra-comfy fabric, and has a flat and flexible sole, and contrast piping around the borderlines. Really, the only difference beside the color is the extended, straight-across toe cap, which is rather subtle.

Another option is the Rocket Dog Zebra, for only $44.95 on The toe cap and accentuated sole border matches that of the Zombie, yet the fabric is variated slightly with a fun “jazzercize” striped design, and a logo patch on the side panel. But again, it’s a great look-alike.

Hope you love these casual shoes! And check out the show…if nothing else, for the lavish fashion featured each week. :)


  • Lauren

    you are totally famous!! :-)

  • Danielle

    I KNOW! Hahaha.