Looks for Less Tuesday: Seychelles Edition

Aight, kiddies…so I was thinking about what I wanted to feature for this week’s Looks for Less Tuesday, and I thought to myself, Gee, Danielle, you’ve been photographing an awful lot of boots lately. Why don’t you do a post exclusively on boots?

And then I thought to myself, Self, that is a great idea!

Then, while doing my weekly research, I found a lot of Seychelles boots that happened to resemble some really expensive designer brands. Seychelles just happens to be one of my favorite brands (I’m pretty sure I have three or four pairs of their shoes), and I’ve never thought of them as uncreative rip-offs.

That said, here are some shoes that are inexpensive, yet embody hot trends without totally copying them:

Lace-up Boots


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this trend before, so look at this as me just re-emphasizing it. Lace-up boots are sexy and give more room for customizing the shaft circumference!

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people swooning over the lace-up boots by Anne Demeulemeester, like these black triple-lace ones from Saks Fifth Avenue. The flat version of this boot will set you back $1,795, and I believe the heeled style is closer to $1,900. While it’s a gorgeous boot with a really unique and interesting texture, it’s not really in my budget.

Instead, I’d opt for something a little friendlier to the pocketbook, like the Seychelles About Face, for $129.95 on While this boot does not include the innovative triple-laces, the single string of lacing, combined with the gorgeous color and the cool grommets, make this a worthwhile buy.

Side-button Boots

Pioneer Boots!

So I have a nickname I call this genre of shoe–the pioneer boot! I’m sure this isn’t the “real” technical term for this style of shoe, but it’s really just reminiscent of 19th century travelwear, only with a heel, of course! The foot is entirely covered, with a feature that appears to be a wrap-around flap on the vamp, ending with ruching and rounded buttons.

This pair of black Fendis from will cost you $785 if you decide to go with this period-garb. They move right above the ankle, and are multitextured with what appears to be smooth leather bumpers combined with a suede vamp and shaft.

If you love this style but not the price, I’d point you to the stunning Seychelles Our Heroine, for only $89.95 on Besides the cutesy name, the distressed leather upper goes exquisitely well with the rounded buttons and ruffles on the outstep.

Heeled “Shoes”

Tying Shooties

I love my loafers just as much as the next person. But add a classy heel to that, and it’s really something to celebrate!

The haute shoe-bootie-thingermajiggers by Veronique Branquinho will cost you a premium $645 at Saks Fifth Avenue. The upper appears to be a super-smooth leather, and the heel height is offset by a substantial platform. Finally, lacing up the vamp gives a little textured detailing.

But if you’re wallet isn’t quite so deep, check out the Seychelles Who Are You With, for a mere $89.95 on This is a lovely alternative that has more detailing around the toe and a faux tassled bow over the vamp. I love it!


  • Natasha

    Hmm, I think in all three of those examples, I like the Seychelles version better than the pricey one! Especially with the “pioneer boots.”

  • Nina

    the seychelles boots are really cute. i’ve been spotting them on people around town and they look fab.

  • Danielle

    Natasha–Hard to believe, right? To be honest, I totally do, too!

    Nina–If you’ve never tried Seychelles, I definitely encourage you. They’re very comfortable!

  • spiffyish

    The knee highs nailed my situation exactly. I may take your advice!

  • issa

    love this post.. i’m all for the look for less.. and i have fallen in love with seychelles.. think ya’ll will get in those under construction boots again?

  • Danielle

    Issa–Unfortunately, that’s unlikely. I think Seychelles normally does relatively small runs, and I believe that boot is from last season. :(