Looks for Less Tuesday: Swirly Sandals

Who doesn’t like couture? If not to wear, at least to look at, right?

Well, if some of the cool styles lately have really gotten under your skin lately, have no fear! Solestruck is here! You, too, can dress your best and not break your bank (or your ankles).

Recently, we got in a slew of new Oh Deer! shoes. If you’ve been following this blog or my vlog for a while now, you’ll know how gaga I am for this brand. From their gutsy sparkle numbers to their funky flats, their designs just, well, rub me the right way.

The new batch really was no different. Glitter galore (of course!), and lots of shiny shoes that are so sculptural, they belong in a MET exhibit. One did catch my eye, though. The Oh Deer! Strata is a wonder to behold. With a super-swirly, super-glossy patent upper, this sandal is definitely full of style. To top things off, this open-toed sandal pump has a cool and thick heel post, that’s uber-trendy with a geometric-displaced look and metallic detailing.

Recently, I was perusing blogs, and I happened to come across the Alaia brand. One particular shoe–a stiletto with a black swirling upper–caught my attention. This looked strikingly like the Oh Deer! version (or is it the other way around?). But going for around $1,195 (if you can find them–this shoe is from last season), you might want to opt out. Or go for the Oh Deer! Strata with strikingly similar features. It’s only $199.95–a fraction of the couture price–at

Happy shopping!



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  • Lauren

    Super hot. Well done, Oh Deer!

  • kirsty lee

    love love love the first and last pairs! good suggestions.

  • kirsty lee

    oops that comment was refering to the previous post!

    these are pretty amazing too. i’m off to check out oh deer! now

  • what? really?

    Pretty funny that you even suggest that the Alaia heel could possibly copy of the Oh Deer one

  • Danielle

    @ what? really?

    OH HELLS NO. It’s OBVIOUS that Oh Deer! is knocking off the Alaia. If nothing else, because the Alaia was from last season, and you can’t even find them any more. And, of course, Alaia is an established couture brand.

  • danz

    Knock-off or not, these shoes are so gorgeous!!