Looks for Less Tuesday: Uggs over Steve Madden?

Our beloved Danielle is buried in shoes up to her eyeballs, and I haven’t had a chance to blog in ages, so I’m filling in for her and writing on “Looks for Less” Tuesday.  Yay! — Katie

Pamela Anderson in classic uggs

Classic Australian sheepskin boots, popularly known as uggs, have done nothing but gain prominence in the footwear world since Pamela Anderson strolled through the sand in nothing but those and her red swimsuit during her Baywatch days.

Steve Madden MagiiAt first, the average fashionista scorned uggs’ bulky appearance and high price point.  But then the rest of Hollywood began to warm to the trend (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller and Sandra Bullock to name a few), and we all know where that leads.

In the early years of Ugg-dom, ladies either adored or despised the warm woolly footwear.  Personally, I took the negative view.  But over the years, the look has grown on me.  Apparently I’m not the only one, because today “uggs” is a household term, and celebrities are still wearing them.  One style or another of ugg boots has made 3 of the last 5 “Oprah’s Favorite Things” lists, too. And now, I’ve fallen in love with an uggs knock-off and I didn’t even realize it.

The Steve Madden Magii (left) clomped through the Solestruck doors a week or two ago.  I simply couldn’t resist its super snuggly softness or its funky oversized buttons.  Its versatile styling abilities only fueled my desire to purchase my own pair instantly.  And now, I’ve discovered that the SM Magii is an almost exact replica of the UGG Classic Cardy (shown below with ways to wear).


The differences?  Subtle but important to note:
1) Colors: Madden only offers earthy tones while UGG includes brighter hues.
2) Materials: UGGs contain the trademark sheepskin lining while Madden sticks to knit.
3) Price: the Maddens are a steal at just $59.95 from Solestruck but you’ll pay a premium for that wool on $140 UGGs.

So tell me, do you still loathe these woolly footwarmers with a passion?  Or have you joined  the bandwagon in adoring ugg boots and their unbelievably good-lookalikes?

– Katie

  • Natasha

    My eyes no longer burn at the sight of Uggs, so I have gotten used to the trend. I even own a knock-off pair, in pink, with similar styling to the “original.” But I wear them in Wisconsin’s cold winters, not with leggings or swimsuits. Power to the people who manage to make this work, but alas, I am not one of them.

  • Fashion Fille

    even if many fashionistas hate hate hate uggs, here’s one fashionista who really loves hers! I would spend the extra money for the sheepskin and quality in the originals.

  • issa

    hmm.. i still don’t like uggs.. but not as much as i dislike crocs (a sign of the apocalypse!) though these knit looking ones are not so bad.. i like it folded down.. and if i felt so inclined would go for the steal versus the splurge… for trendy shoes.. i don’t see the reason to pay more.

  • Nina

    i dunno if i can jump on the trend of knit boots. they were popular last winter, too, and i still can’t get used to them

  • Shawna

    Not entirely convinced. I have a pair of juicy couture winter white boots that will help me get through the winter.

  • Nancy

    I hate UGGs because the girls who wear them are typically unfashionable and the way they wear them is very tacky. If they looked more like that Steve Madden ad, well, then I wouldn’t object so much. I still prefer leather boots.

  • Cristina

    i say these boots are absolutley horrible to much detail. Isnt simplicity a better statement.

  • ss


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