Looks for Less Tuesdays: The saga continues!

Couture is all around us! We just need to know where to look….

Which is why I’m back for another installation of the Looks for Less Tuesday, your resource for great buys that won’t break your budget, even though you not-so-secretly lust after those Chanel flats during your lunch break.

If you’re desperate to find a more economical look-alike shoe, email me a photo of the shoe you crave (at, along with the name and price. And I’ll do my best to make you proud!

1. Concealed platform stilettos with peep toes

Platform Peep Toes

You know this classic look as well as I do. It probably doesn’t even need introducing, in fact. The twist on this ultra-fantabulous peep toe? Not the fact that it’s got a fierce stiletto heel (I’m loving the texture it gives to the Steve Madden Lockd). Not the fact that it’s got a cute-as-a-button peek-a-boo toe. It’s the fact that it’s all of the above PLUS a super-fun concealed platform.

Concealed platforms (when the upper covers the platform, creating a sleek and elegant look) have steadily gained in popularity. For $1,025, you can indulge in Missoni‘s version, which is a suede number with a slingback-style heel.

But if you crave the heavenly white look, but not the damage it’ll do to your bank account, I’d highly recommend the gorgeous Steve Madden Lockd, for $99.95 at While there’s no suede or slingback, this stiletto is on point with a textured white leather upper, combined with a buckle over the adorable peep toe.

2. Ankle booties with built-in “socks”

Stockinged Ankle Booties

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Booties with socks? Aren’t the oxford ankle booties enough?

No, apparently not, because these Stella McCartney leatherette booties are a hot commodity at $895. These booties start with a leather upper, and instead of the traditional leather vamp and shaft, these babies opt for something a little softer–knit. Just like your favorite sweater.

While this knit trend can be found all over (like the Betseyville Lenore), it still doesn’t mask my obvious surprise.

If you can handle the bling, try on the more reasonable Baby Phat Prague, $89.95. I was actually quite taken with this shoe last year. I love the shimmer and sparkle found in the knit sock part, and the patent adds a nice gloss.

3. Sparkling V-strap pumps

Strappy V-Style Pumps

Oh, Christian Louboutin: Stealer of women’s hearts. How can we not love you? The telling red leather soles and impeccably clean designs. It’s just the apple of our eyes.

But if you combine the divine Louboutin with the other expensive girl’s best friend, you’ve got a sparkling gem of a shoe on your hands. And while your diamonds might look great on your fingers, it also complements your toes well, too.

If you’re a die-hard Louboutin enthusiast, you can splurge on some gorgeous V-strap and sparkly sandals for a hefty $1,225. Or, if you love the style, you can still give the fashion gods a nod with the equally impressive (and shimmering) Nina Grant, for a mere $79.95. Both styles feature a glintingly glittery upper, with a knotting open toe, and a curvy V-strap that wraps around the ankle, mimicking a slingback heel.

4. Tall, lacing boots

Lacing Boots

The full lace-up boot. It’s not just for Little House on the Prairie pioneers and dominatrices anymore–it’s for your couture closet, too!

So, to participate in this trend, you could max out your credit card on these $1,700 black leather Prada boots. Or, you could save your pennies for the Exchange by Charles David Maximum–an option that’s strikingly similar for a fraction of the haute cost, at $109.95. Both styles sport thick and chunky heels, that’s great for support, and a shaft that sits high on the calf.

The style from Exchange by Charles David sports lots of texture, with a patent and quilted upper, while the Prada counterpart is simply leather.

Look out for more Looks for Less Tuesdays!


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