Mad About Plaid

Whether you refer to it as plaid or tartan, this type of fabric has been a fashion element for centuries, and it has often been associated with Celtic countries such as Scotland.

Sienna Miller Jessica Simpson Carrie Underwood

In more recent years, however, tartan has become more than just a symbol of Celtic heritage. Today, it may convey a preppy style, a rocker/indie look, and even be sported by your favorite celebrities (left to right: Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, Sienna Miller. Photos from

However, a more subtle and sophisticated way to do the tartan trend, instead of a bold jacket or distinguishing wrap, is with a fun pair of plaid-patterned shoes. And, of course, has plenty of options.

Around the office, add a splash of attitude to your wardrobe with the Seychelles Silver Spoon in Brown Plaid. Paired with shades of chocolate or even denim, this upturned wedge is an adorable indulgence, and one which I personally could not resist.

Vans Classic Slip-OnOn the weekends, get a little (or a lot) more vibrant with a pair of Vans Classic Slip-Ons in Daiquiri Green (left), Plaid or Cashmere Blue. The comfort of this timeless style is undeniable, and Solestruck’s selection of patterns can’t be beat.

Rocket Dog Grade SchoolFinally, you can’t forget one of my all-time favorites, the Rocket Dog Grade School. Solestruck carries three Scottish-inspired tartan patterns of this chic wedge–black, brown and green (right). The mary-jane form appeals to a girlish look, but the 3 1/2″ heel adds mature height. And with a 3/4″ platform and plenty of padding, it’s incredibly comfortable, too (trust me, I’ve tried it)!

Isn’t about time you gave the tartan trend a try? Just stick to solids for the rest of your ensemble, and your perfect plaid pair will snag the spotlight for sure.




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