Make pretty drawings, win free shoes.

CONTEST ALERT! Since you guys are so freakin’ talented we love doing contests where we get to show you off and brag to everyone else in the fashion world like a proud parent with too many honor roll bumper stickers.

So  we have this new brand from L.A. called DEANDRI (check out their amazing styles here) and the creator/designer of said brand is REALLY freaking talented. Like, why-can’t-we-be-her talented. In addion to starting her own line at 21, she creates beautiful drawings that we’re majorly obsessed with. So we put our heads together and came up with a fun contest for all you babes out there.

The rules:

Create a drawing/collage/intrepration of how you would style your fave pair of DEANDRI shoes.

Email entry to

5 winners will be chosen by us and Deandri!!
(Each winner will get their fave shoe from Deandri–limited to stock on hand!)

Submissions due Friday, July 6th before midnight PST.


  • S.J

    Let’s Say, If I was To win, Would I only be able to choose her shoes.. or other shoes..?

  • Vicky

    it says:

    “Each winner will get their fave shoe from Deandri–limited to stock on hand!”

  • Adele

    Is there a limit per person? I have so many different themes to choose from!

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  • jesse

    when and how will the winners be announced?

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  • Renate

    I’ve just sent the e-mail with my drawing! I really hope I have some chances to win, because I adore DEANDRI boots! Good luck, girls!