Making Dreams Come True.

Just found this refreshing post on the blogosphere:

Electronic Beats

PREACH brother! Loud n’ clear! We agree! You’re speaking our language! That’s what she said!

Don’t sweat it my style-deprived hommes (or homies). We’re working hard here at Solestruck to steeze up our neglected “dude hooves” and bring forth brands that push the “bullshit” limits of men’s footwear.¬†This is especially true now that we’ve recruited a men’s buyer whose sole duty is to make you boys happy.

Here’s what you can look forward to adding into your sick shoe collection:

Hidden wedge sneaker (yup, you’re welcome), suede, 2 colors. BUFFALO, bro.

(bonus points for finger tattoos)

Prepare yourselves, gentleman. Shit’s getting real.

  • uhhhhhhh

    What about high heels? I know the OP didn’t ask for them, but there are many men who want them; e.g. Jeffrey Campbell Litas in sizes from 10-13.

  • k6ps

    Strongly agree to the comment. Except that IMHO The Damned is not pushing the limits too much but rather too little. Why do i have to be a woman to enjoy wearing nice shoes? Why do i have to limit my style chioces to only about 5% of all shoe styles if i like nice shoes very much AND i happen to be a man??

  • Mahib

    Story about high hill, not bad at all

  • ty

    Men’s shoes are evolving across all markets, @k6ps, you don’t have to limit yourself at all if you can afford a 800 dollar shoe. What we are trying to do is produce a complete arsenal of mens styles that push boundaries and an assortment of prices. I need all the feedback from you guys, so it helps a ton, heels, wedges, and beefed up basics. That’s what we are going for. Hope you guys will all find interesting pieces in the assortment we are making.

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