Making The Lookbook: IMPROMPTU

Solestruck takes its lookbooks very seriously. Why’s that?

Because as a company that specializes only in shoes (minus one or two magazines, condoms and bandages),
it’s our only chance to offer head-to-toe style vision. It’s our version of shoving you into a fitting room,
trying to help you look good for prom.

And because we take our lookbooks so seriously, they usually involve months of planning. We’ve conducted
open calls, we’ve traveled in RV’s–we’ve done it all.

BUT. When we got our huge shipment of  shoes from THE DAMNED, our men’s department knew
we’d need to do a lookbook ASAP. The shoes were too good. It would be the fastest lookbook ever.

…and it was. It was quite literally “IMPROMPTU.”

The only stylist we could get in 48 hours, happened to be the best one in town.

Our styling/production assistant, Shelley. Working very very hard!

…and what does 48 hours of intense, crammed energy come out looking like?

….beautifully “Damned.” That’s how.

“IMPROMPTU” presented by Solestruck Men’s, dropping tomorrow.