MAN UP: New Year, New Style.

Game on, boys. It’s time to win some free shoes!
Show us and Grizzelle why you dress the best & win a Solestruck shopping spree.

Submit two pictures: One of an aerial shot of the complete look, laid out in whatever fashion on a uniform flat surface.
The other of the outfit, head-to-toe, worn on you.

No Cheating. While anything is allowed (accessories, bags, the content inside your bags, your cheeseburger, etc.), every item that appears in the outfit must sensibly appear to be used/worn in the full body picture. Ie, you are not required to hold your Chapstick though it appears in your outfit photo.

You were born this way. Whether you’re a girl with big feet, or a boy that loves a designer pump, it doesn’t matter. Enter away! Just note that this is a menswear themed contest, kids!

Take your time. Both pictures must be submitted to by 11:59 PM on Monday, January 21, Pacific Standard Time.

Don’t worry ’bout it. Solestruck Men’s shoes are not required to enter. Though Grizzelle is killing in those Depression bow creepers.

Two winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 21, right here on our blog as well as our Facebook page. One will be chosen by Grizzelle, one will be chosen by the Solestruck Men’s Department. Both winners will receive any pair of shoes from Solestruck Men’s up to $300 in value. Winners will re-shoot their outfits with their new Solestruck shoes, and have major bragging rights on the front page of WWW.SOLESTRUCK.COM.

Good luck!