NAME: Mario Horne
AGE: 21
LOCATION: New Jersey / New York
OCCUPATION: Media Designer
BLOG: Leopard Milkshake
SECRET CRUSH: Dominic Louis ( Designer )
BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: Blue Berry Margaritas

Mario, you are our first ever guest blogger, and we are so excited to welcome you to the site and our blog. We are kind of obsessed with LEOPARD MILKSHAKE.

What would you say is the basic premise behind your blog–what drives the content?
Let me first start by stating that I’m just as excited if not more to be working with Solestruck. I would say the content on LeopardMilkshake is driven by my infatuation with the dark side of fashion. I also post rants about dark trends that catch my eye and garments i can’t live without; those are things that just come to me randomly and i just always feel like it’s worth documenting.

We know most of your lifestyle images are of, around, or are staged in NYC–what inspires you most about NYC.
“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of -There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York – These streets will make you feel brand new – Big lights will inspire you.”
These are the lyrics from Jay-z and Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind, and i couldn’t have said it any better than they have. New york is filled with people who dream big which inspires me the most.

What do you find most interesting about the blogosphere?
Everyone has their own opinion about what ever/who ever they are blogging about. I love that people are taking the time out to document their thoughts.
“The mind is a terrible thing to waste – so blog about everything that comes to mind” I always say!

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you through your blog?
FASHION WEEK! I was invited to my first fashion week because of LeopardMilkshake. I remember receiving my first invite in the mail, it was a moment i won’t ever forget. All because i fashion brand valued my opinion and/or enjoyed my fashion rants on LMS! Why is this Crazy? If you’ve ever been apart of fashion week… you know what I’m talking about. New York is already a face paced city, but during fashion week it’s in overdrive!

Which designers inspire you the most?
I’m constantly inspired by Rick Owens, Margiela, Rad Hourani, Comme Des Garcons, Damir Doma, Raf Simons etc.

Who is on your short-list as fashion inspiration?
Designers: Sally Lapointe & Asher Levine

It’s a Friday night, we are in NYC and meet up with you around 10PM, where are you going to take us…and what time will we be back at our hotel?
We would first start at Trader Joes to rack up on some liquid goods to pre-game. We would head to Bedlam then Top8 then Green House – leaving there around 4a.m we would visit my favorite diner on 14th and University Place for an early breakfast. You’ll probably be returning back at your hotel around 7 a.m… after having the best dance night of your life!