Winner Number one hails from Connecticut, and dropped some lyrics on us from the GOSSIP, a favorite of ours–I mean, we are from the Pacific NW!! Good Choice. DEEPTI, from connecticut and the blog is our first winner. Check it out here:

My song: Dimestore Diamond by Gossip

You can call her broke, you can call her poor
But everybody knows that she ain’t cold no more
She’s a dimestore diamond

Shines like the real thin
Real thing
Real thing
Dimestore diamond

and…we love a live phone video to go along with it, drunks slurring the lyrics in a sweaty club!

Our second winner is a student at NYU, but hails from MD—Yang Zhao was awarded a free pair of MATIKO heels for her entry that is posted below. This was a new jam for us, we liked it and that makes you, YANG, a winner!! ENJOY and thanks! This is a perfect song for a Friday workday. It keeps us going till happy hour, plus we love a song to an EX! Bye bye!

I turned left – but you turned right
only one-way roads on this stretch of life
we can’t back up or turn back time
out of sight – not out of mind
you made a choice
so wave goodbye
I’m not turning back.

Goodbye–Crash Poets

Our third winner comes from across the country, Myllisa, from Oregon won us over with an old school reference, not that obscure, but one that sums up just how we are feeling right about now, on a Friday afternoon. This simplicity, and lyric from Edie Brickell scored you a sweet pair of MATIKO kicks. And for the record, this is one of my favorite songs from the 90′s—i know i have mix tape somewhere with this jam on it…and i mean the styling on the video is perfect!

i’m not aware of too many things.

I know what i know

f you know what i mean…

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians–What I Am.

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