The Matt Bernson Shoe Haiku Sandal Giveaway!

Matt Bernson, a NYC based brand we are welcoming to SOLESTRUCK this coming fall, is a highly anticipated edition to our brand lineup. Known for their token “SEX & COMFORT” motto, the continue to offer great shoes, great looks, great value and hot styling, we are excited to have them up on the site. Our fall selection should be up by August and in the meantime, we are kicking off their arrival with a MATT BERNSON GIVEAWAY. The FIVE SEVEN FIVE haiku contest is now in full swing!

Simply create a  shoe HAIKU, (using standard Haiku formatting) and post it along with your size and name. Three winners will be selected to win an iconic pair of Matt Berson gladiators—retail value $170.00 and sold out everywhere! Thanks to the NYC crew at Matt Berson for sponsoring the giveaway….and here we go! Simply Submit your HAIKU in the form of a coment on this blog, please include your NAME, LOCATION and US Shoe size……as below. Get creative, get into it, get poetic and lets us have it. Most original entries win—and here is our entry below!

Matt Berson those kicks

leather, love, luxxe, look, oh yes

On my feet like air

TMC-Brooklyn NY, Size 8.

Sandals are available in whole sizes only. We will select three winners!

You must include your size in your entry.

Winners selected by August 15th-2010 and shoes shipped to winners directly form solestruck.

find out more about traditional HAIKU here:


Best of LUCK and get ready for Matt Bernson.

  • Ashley

    Matt Bernsons are hot
    And comfortable to boot
    These shoes must be mine!

    Ashley, Rochester NY, Size 6

  • Hollie

    Leather delicious,
    New kicks warm the summer soul
    Stick around, sunshine

    Hollie, Bellingham, WA, Size 8

  • Tosha martinez

    Those are freaking cute

  • elena

    damn these shoes are fine
    Matt Bernsons shoes shoes should be mine
    i would love to win

    Elena, Brooklyn NY, U.S size 8

  • elena

    damn these shoes are fine
    Matt Bernsons shoes should be mine
    i would love to win

    Elena, Brooklyn NY, U.S size 8

  • elena

    (please disregard my first entry i had a typo – wrote shoes twice)

  • Jessica Y

    Very cute shoes….So happy flats are in!

  • http://Website Corinne

    Sexy, Comfortable
    Think I’ve found my new fetish
    Deliciously it!

    Corinne, Brooklyn, NY, Size 8

  • erin cello

    gladiator time
    supple, soft, a*s kickin’ fine
    soar through city streets

    erin, ny,ny, 9

  • Leanne

    Sole-soothing leather
    I walk to my heart’s content
    Butterfly tootsies!

    Size 8

  • http://Website elizabeth

    those are freakin cute
    just like tosha says they are
    freakin cute on me

    NYC, Size 9

  • http://Website Megan Kimbrell

    Studs and all wonder bra 
    I really need you on my feet
    Cause I don’t eat meat

    Megan K:D, Long Beach Ca, US 7

  • fashonlikeheroin

    lend me your sandals
    fast as your mom
    for a trannie in my nightclub

  • Elissa Ball

    I’m a goddess in
    my gladiator sandals.
    Strap-on self-esteem.

    Elissa Ball, Seattle, WA
    Size 6

  • http://Website Missy

    Soft leather so calm
    surrounds my pretty feet
    grace, beauty…Bernson.

    Tucson, AZ
    Size 7

  • http://Website sunchicka

    Sun, Breeze, Toes.. wriggle
    Captured comfort street dancing
    Essence.. happiness

    Naomi-Beaverton,OR., Size 8.

  • Brittany Peters

    Sex and comfort shoe,
    You get on my feet right now,
    Im queen of the road.

    Brittany Peters size 9. Weston, Florida

  • http://Website Aviva

    Matt Bernson please know
    Sex and Comfort is my soul
    Can your sole be mine?

  • http://Website Aviva

    Matt Bernson please know
    Sex and Comfort stole my soul
    Can your sole be mine?

    Los Angeles
    size 6

    (forgot to include location and size info on previous post:))

  • Lin_me

    like butter, like beauty,
    like luxury, like perfect.

    Lin- Adelaide, South Australia, Size 8.

  • Y-La

    Gladiator love,
    Kickin’ back in these beauties,
    I’ve got a smile.

    Y-La, Houston, TX, Size 6

  • Mellow Yellow

    Matt Berson, eclectic ensemble,
    Sex, be your emblem,
    Comfort, be your symbol.

    Minneapolis, MN. Size 7

  • Alex

    The toes slide in first
    Then ankles strapped to leather
    Shoes, lets hit the block

    Alex, Seattle, 10

  • Heather, Bellingham, WA, Size 7.5 US

    Sandals of leather
    Straps with sass, look fly oh my
    Gladiator love.

  • Tiffany Fleming

    Hot sun shining in Mexico,
    Sweaty bodies, boyfriends, and margaritas in hand.
    Swimming all day with love.

  • http://Website verduch

    those shoes are so cool
    when i walk in a room
    the beauty will be undone

    NYC 8

  • FaithJ

    Criss cross clever kicks
    On cobblestone or concrete
    Europe here I come

    FaithJ, St. Louis, Size 6

  • http://Website Lindsey

    Gladiator beast
    Growling lonely in his cage
    Waiting for my love

    Lindsey, Rockville, NE, Size 8

  • Rachel Lamb

    Rachel L., Los Angeles, CA, size 7.5

    (I can already feel the soft leather caressing my piggies!)

  • Lianna

    Hot damn I love shoes,
    Especially Matt Berson,
    So give me some now.

    Those look so comfy and hot!

    Lianna, Richmond,BC, Size 6

  • http://Website Laura

    strollin’ oh so fly
    in my gladiator kicks
    buckle up, baby

    Laura, Seattle, Size 8

  • http://Website susan hwang

    shine on, metal studs
    feel weightless in your leather
    matt berson, longing

    Susan H., Beverly Hills, MI
    US size 8

  • http://Website Anne Taylor

    gladiator feet
    sandles in leather, berson
    I am in heaven

    Anne Taylor
    Victoria BC Canada
    Size 10 (11 if you have it)


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • http://Website Lisa

    Leather Straps Afoot
    Courage and Strength Are In Style
    Evoke The Ancient

    In luv! They look so comfy. ❤

    Lisa, Los Angeles, Size 6.5 – 6

  • Shilo Beedy

    Style and leather
    Make me love this hot weather
    lets dance together

    Shilo, Mexico NY, size 7

  • http://Website Kerasia

    Ethereal I,
    Can fly into the sunset…
    Stroll in my sandals.

    Maria, Philadelphia, PA, Size 7

  • http://Website diane williamson

    Matt Berson tripping
    Along the path envisioned
    To be fancy free

  • http://Website diane williamson

    Matt Berson tripping
    Along the path envisioned
    To be fancy free

    Diane Williamson Bakersfield, CA size 39

  • Maya

    Matiko SoleStruck,
    Snowflakes fall on open toes;
    My feet yearn for you.

  • Priscilla

    express yourself, dance
    paint the earth with matt bernsons
    around town be free

    priscilla, los angeles CA, lucky 7.

  • http://Website Cassandra

    Walking down the street
    Eyes envy shoes on my feet
    Need Sex & Comfort?

    Cassandra – Fairfield, Ca, Size 6.5

  • http://Website Freya Hugh

    A Roman Princess
    I shall be in flats so chic
    Berson, te amo!


    Freya H, Sydney Australia, size 9

  • Catherine Chen

    Give me Matt Berson
    hot like summer, soft like clouds
    come and shine on me

    Catie Chen-Irvine CA, Size 9

  • tricia

    stylish brass studding,
    coveted they are by all,
    colourways in eight

    tricia, toronto, on, size 8.

  • http://Website Alice

    I’ll make these shoes mine
    These gladiators; divine
    Oh, you look so fine

    Alice, Markham, ON, Canada, size 7

  • Aimee W.

    Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway – I would be SO thrilled to win! By the way, I am a size 7.

  • Meghan

    comfort, sex and style
    matt bernsons mounting my feet
    clacking sounds like moans

    Meghan J., Montreal QC size 7

  • http://Website Cassandra

    My heart has been struck,
    By your beautiful sole, I
    Want Sex & Comfort!

    Cassandra – Fairfield, Ca, Size 6

  • Sonya

    Once I get paid, Matt Bernson
    ensures I get laid.

  • Sonya

    Once I get paid, Matt Bernson
    ensures I get laid.


  • http://Website Chavon Smith

    My Solestruck Shoe
    Chavon Riggins Smith

    Walking back, and forth.

    Meeting new streets and green grass.

    Loving foot and sole.

    Ohio, USA
    Shoe size: 10

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • http://Website Candy Thomas

    I love them!!
    I have finally found a pair of sandals to replace my beautiful,unique,worn out sandals for the 1970′s!!

    Size 9

  • Kirsten Miranda

    Studded leather squeak
    Twin buckles: sand, stone, and blood
    She takes her first steps

    Kirsten M.
    Chicago, IL.
    Size 8

  • http://Website cristina

    ted bundy is fetch
    helterskelter is no match
    matt berson is SEX

  • cristina

    leather studded kiss
    rawr rawr rawr i want your love
    edie, jagger, gogh

  • Courtney A

    Journey through the sky;
    opulent leather brace me to
    keep me from falling

    Loveeee these shoes. A must have for any time of year (especially in Florida)

    Courtney West Palm Beach, FL Size 10

  • Courtney A

    I never see the comments I submit. So I hope it went through ^_^

  • Courtney A

    Journey through the sky;
    opulent leather braces me to
    keep me from falling

    Courtney West Palm Beach, FL Size 10

    Love your shoes!

  • Triin Voss

    tick and tack your toes
    gladiators, fight for fashion
    you sexy Bernson beast

    Triin, Estonia, Size 6

  • Miya

    Summer sandal time
    Bernson’s are the ish
    I must have them now

    Sarah, NoVA/DC, size 7

  • chris swan

    Walking on air now
    Wind, rain, snow, sun always there
    Covering those toes!

    Size 7
    Cswan Ft Lauderdale, FL

  • Liz gonzalez

    Liz Gonzalez

    Matt Bernson completes
    A staple to my wardrobe
    With fabulous vibe

  • Lynda

    Matt Bernson, my sole is struck
    leather,studs my heart beats faster
    I, the slave these shoes my master

    Size 7

  • http://Website Brytne Jackson

    Matt Bernson shoes, I am smitten
    Your gladitors in leather make me purr like a kitten,
    the shoe love bug has got me, I’ve been bitten!

    Brytne,( a 21 year old shoe lovin’ kitty)
    Leather makes me Purr!
    Larkspur, Co
    Size 7

  • http://Website Triin Voss

    tick and tack your toes
    gladiators, fight for fashion
    you sexy berson beast

    Triin, Estonia, Size 6

  • Naomi Ward

    Shoes fit for a queen
    Sexy, leather ankle strap
    Bow down before me

    Naomi, Albany GA size 8

  • Taylor

    They fit perfectly
    Shoes like pillows for you feet
    Comfort and style win

    Taylor, Montgomery, TX, Size 8

  • http://Website Henley

    Lovely shoes do exist
    Oh so chic, leather, lust, like sex, give it to me
    Belongs on my feet thats bare

    Henley M.
    Size 6
    CA U.S.A.

  • http://Website Yang

    Summer traveling:
    Scotland, China, New York with
    Bernson on my feet

  • Yang

    Summer traveling:
    Scotland, China, New York with
    Bernson on my feet

    Yang Z, size 7

  • http://Website Melissa B

    Gladiate me as
    I brave the hot city streets,
    armed with my Brave Hearts.

  • http://Website Melissa B

    Gladiate me as
    I brave the hot city streets,
    armed with my Brave Hearts.

    Brooklyn, NY
    size 8

  • Nina

    Leather on my toes
    Feet caressed by wind and shoes
    Sitting on a hill

    Nina – Santa Clara, CA – Size 7.5

  • Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Lee, Cerritos, CA, Size 7

    Rockin’ on my feet
    Matt Bernson and I just glow
    Soft heaven with MY style.

  • melanie, size 9

    I love shoes so much
    that if i don’t get this pair
    i may start crying

  • http://Website melanie, size 9

    i i i i i
    love love love love love love love
    shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes

  • Kerry Chu

    These gladiators will be my perfect fit as it looks so slick!
    Oh what joy, happiness and fun wearing them will give!
    On my feet it feels so soft like a butterfly kiss.
    And I am loving it!

    (Author: Kerry Chu)

    Kerry, London (England, UK) – Size: 4.

  • http://Website Kerry Chu

    My US shoe size is size 6. (as of previous e-mail for the entry).

    Thank you,

  • Katie

    Leather love is a
    Matt Bernson strappy sandal
    worn in the summer.

    Katie, Pittsburgh, Size 8

  • Kerry Chu

    The gladiators is a perfect fit as it looks so slick!
    What joy, happiness and fun wearing these gives!
    The soft touch I feel on my feet, feels as soft as a butterfly kiss.
    And I am loving it!

    (Author: Kerry Chu)

    Kerry Chu, London, England, UK.
    (USA Size is 6) (UK,England size is 4)

  • http://Website Amy

    A Gladiator’s
    Shoes would not have matched his togs
    As well as mine do.

    Amy in DC, Size 8

  • Lin

    The comfort, on your feet
    The style, incredible beauty, kicking it sweet
    My heart, for Matt benson

    From Australia, size 8

  • Alyssa

    Girls, in N.Y.C,
    in sandaled feet, we stomp the
    streets, struttin’ on concrete

    Alyssa, New York, NY, 19

  • nicole

    Matt Bernson tell me
    did you know I’d love them so
    sexy, soft, delish’

  • http://Website charlotte

    All i want is you
    comfy, pretty, lethal kicks
    on my feet for life

    Charlotte D, Paris, size 8

  • Jessica S

    Like sex on my feet
    I stand beyond the edge of
    living loving bliss

    Jessica, Seattle WA, size 8

  • Kristin

    gladiator love
    make my fleet feet fly…onlookers,
    stopped in tracks, awe-struck.

    (thanks, solestruck!)
    Kristin, Portland, OR, size 7

  • Harriet

    Yes I’m a shoe freak
    Now a Matt Bernson give-a-way…
    Sandals, ooh la la!

    Harriet H.
    Miami, FL
    Size 9

  • http://Website Michele L Tremblay

    Size 5

    So many colours
    Studs unsettle me a bit
    Still are flat out cute

  • rachel lamb

    Three Little Piggies went to the market
    Three Little Piggies were actually five
    They really deserved suede and couture
    Matt Berson makes the piggies feel so ALIVE!

    Rachel L.
    Los Angeles, CA
    size 7

  • jillian

    indulge me with studs
    luxe leather straps enamored
    satiate my sole Matt

    los angeles, ca
    size 7

  • Jennifer

    ten toes slipped into
    a bernson and drummed to ten
    while home-bound. heaven.

    jen p., nyc, size 6!

  • Bec

    Bernson’s out in force
    With his gladiator soul
    Take this town alive.

    Bec, Perth Western Australia, size 9.