Meet Ladylessons!

Hi there! My name is Lucia Martinez, and I’m the person responsible for Ladylessons, a blog that’s been toying with style, DIY, words, and images for five years now. The fabulous team at Solestruck is letting me guest blog a few holiday projects and pictures to get you guys in the spirit of the season—and, of course, to help everyone out there get prettied up for all the upcoming parties littering your calendars. Let’s start with hair!

You may have seen luxe versions of these pins scattered around the internet. They are gorgeous and incredibly crafted and also, if you’re anything like me, completely out of your budget because you’ve blown all your spare cash on shoes and your holiday champagne stash. (Pro tip: cava is just as good and costs half as much.) Here’s how you can make a version for yourself for approximately basically no money. (And make some more as stocking stuffers for your besties!)

You’ll need:

Use the scrap paper to draw whatever shapes you want, in various sizes. (I went with stars, but moons, hearts, a chicken, anything would work.) Cut them out, and then trace them onto the back of the glitter foam. Cut these out, dab a bit of your glue of choice on the back, and then firmly press the flat side of your bobby pin into the glue. Let it dry thoroughly for an hour and they’re ready to use!

For those of you with longer hair, here’s a styling idea inspired by 1940’s pinups, which I know we all love. First, part your hair on the side, going for a relatively deep part. Take a medium-barreled curling iron and curl all your hair in approximately two-inch sections. Then, starting from your hairline on the part side, twist your hair away from your face. Keep twisting along the hairline, across the back of your head. Use a couple bobby pins in an X shape to keep it in place, and use another couple to anchor the twist behind your ear and then again at the top of your neck. (Where the arrows are.)

Once everything is firmly fixed in place, use your fingers to (gently) push the hair above the twist up for a little volume. Add in a few of your glittery pins to keep it in place, and then lightly hairspray the top—not the curls.

Now go party, pretty!

  • Jess

    Aargh! This is so cute, I want to do it. HOw big is a medium barrelled curling rod though?

  • lucia

    hi! I used this 1-inch one from conair. anything from 3/4″-1.5″ should work nicely.