MEET OUR MUSE: Ally Duazo of Gold Dot

Meet Ally Duazo of Gold Dot. You know her shoes- you lusted, you drooled, and you made them completely sell out!- but here’s your chance to get to know the beauty and brains behind the Philippine-born brand, Gold Dot.

Name: Ally Duazo
Age: 26
Location: Manila, Philippines
Favorite Magazine: I enjoy reading blogs more, because it is very fast-paced and subjective. But I also like NYLON and Vogue Italia.

Q: How did Gold Dot begin?
A: My initial idea was to create a line of white shirts in different silhouettes with “gold dot” details. This idea didn’t push through because it’ll be in conflict with my previous employer. I just wanted to start out something at that time, nothing big though.

I was actually in search for a pair of clogs. I was having a hard time, because I wanted a pair in a specific shade of brown and I also had a design in mind. That’s when I realized that I wanted to create a line of footwear. GOLD DOT started last July of 2010. I launched the first collection on Multiply and Facebook with just 4 styles of shoes and 2 styles of bags. The shoes only came in 10 pairs per color, while the bags just came in 8 pieces per color. GOLD DOT started out really small — 1 employee (me) and my office was my attic.

Q: Do you get all tingly inside and do a little happy dance every time you see someone wearing shoes you’ve designed?
A: But of course! Maybe not the happy dance though, just a show-all-your-teeth smile! :) Nothing beats the feeling!

Q: Who are you majorly crushing on right now- style wise?
A: In the Philippines, I’ve always loved the style of Kookie Buhain ( and of course our very own Karl Leuterio ( I’ve always been a fan of their respective blogs and is fortunate enough to have them as my friends! WE ALL SHARE THE SAME FASCINATION FOR CRAZY SHOES!

I also like Miso Ruice. She used to have a account, but she’s gone now… :( I really love her clean sleek style!

Q: If you were trapped in a castle tower like Rupunzel, how would you escape?
A: I’d probably through all my clothes out the window and just JUMP! :P But I doubt if I will even try! I’m afraid of heights! haha!

Q: What’s the last little white lie you told?
A: “I haven’t used my credit card! I only use it for emergency!” haha

Q: If your best friend made a .gif of you, what would you be doing in the gif?
A: Waah, I’m camera-shy! I always get all shaky in front of the camera! My best friend should film it without me noticing it! But i’ll probably be working in front of computer or holding my phone and answering emails! I’m just a BORING WORKAHOLIC FREAK!

Q: If you were on a desserted island and after four days of being alone you realized you were trapped there with Ryan Gosling, what is the first thing you would say to him?
A: I’d probably be like: “Do you have food?!” I probably won’t even recognize him because my vision would be all hazy due to excessive hunger! hahaha! Sorry, I eat A LOT! :P I would probably regret it though, because how in the hell am I gonna have the chance to talk to him or even see him again?!

Q: Who would you most want to do a collab design with?
A: Iris Van Herpen! She’s just CRAZY! I just wanna get into her brains and see how she comes up with all her ideas! Every time I look at her creations, I can’t even figure out where the garment started and ended!

Q: What’s up next for Gold Dot?
A: Well definitely MORE crazy styles at Solestruck! We are also working on our bigger and better Head Quarters in the Philippines!

We’re not the only ones who’ve gone crazy over the platformed and armored boots, check out some bloggers rockin’ them below:



Ally herself is also super fashionable and awesome, I mean, DUH! Look at what she creates! Did you expect anything less than amazing? You can follow her on for her own personal style updates.

The shoes may have sold out in 48 hours, but don’t worry, they’ll be restocked around the end of june! Just in time for some summer hotness.

PLUS NEW, CRAZY AMAZING STYLES THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND– COMING SOON. In the meantime, check out their Tumblr for all things Gold Dot, including their incredible jewelry line!