MEET OUR MUSE: Celia Edell and her cat Rococo

Here at Solestruck, we’re obsessed with a lot of things– shoes that could rival mountains, cats paired with anything, and daria gifs just to name a few, but our girl crush of the moment is better than all of these things. Celia Edell, the hairy pitted babe behind our favorite tumblr, Ceedling, is everything we wish we could be. We’re not the only ones; go ahead and search the “ceedling” tag on Tumblr and check out her fan art! We couldn’t help but sit her down and ask some deep, dark questions.

Name: Celia Edell
Age: 20
Location: London Ontario Canada
Favorite thing you own: my signed graphic novel (The Death Ray) by Daniel Clowes!! I wasn’t there but my dad got it for me from Comicon… it’s my most prized possession because it feeds my Clowes obsession
Biggest teen crush: I had a huuuuge crush on Alec Baldwin growing up!

Q: First off, the hair. It’s amazing and it’s been just about every color of the rainbow. What’s your next do gonna be?
A: Ah! Thank you!!! That’s a good question, the pink isn’t fading as fast as I thought it would, but eventually I’d like to go lavender (again, but repeating is pretty unavoidable). Maybe with light blue tips or something! Something on the cool end of the spectrum anyway.

Q: You’re pretty inspiring to us (and all chicks!), but what inspires you?
A: Firstly that’s insanely flattering and awesome. I’m inspired by so much – from Japanese street-style to film (I am a huge Kubrick and Lynch fan). I am absolutely inspired by other girls and by feminism. My mom inspires me. Sometimes I’m surrounded by outside inspiration, other times it takes being alone and completely absorbed in my own thoughts to feel inspired.

Q: What’s Rococo doing right now?
A: Biting my knee…really….hard…she was trying to bite the floor earlier! Apparently she’s almost done teething… (fingers crossed!)

Q: If you could go to outer space, and you could only take one thing with you, what would it be?
A: Rococo

Q: What record have you been listening to on repeat lately?
A: Kimbra’s debut album Vows… I’ve been listening to it for months now!

Q: We’re also big fans of Girl-Guts, and all the incredible girls behind it- How did you get involved?
A: Wow! Girl-Guts is so fun and I’m so thankful to be a part of it! The lovely creator Victoria B. messaged me a few months ago and pitched her idea, asking me if I’d like to join the team! Of course I didn’t think twice. I love all the girls who contribute and the reception has been amazing!

Q: Can we be best friends?
A: Yes. I thought we were already???

Q: You’ve met up with lots of people off tumblr- did it feel natural when you guys met?
A: It really depends on the person. I haven’t had any bad experiences but it is always a bit weird when you know so much about a person (or not enough!) but haven’t ever interacted with them in real life. Fortunately, the internet proves to be a pretty good way to get to know people because I clicked easily with the people I felt most connected to online! And now I have friends all over the world! It’s totally worth a few awkward minutes at the beginning.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever received from a fan?
A: Honestly – drawings/paintings of me. Nothing is more flattering than a piece of art that was somehow inspired by me.

Q: What’s something you’ve been dying to try/ create/ do?
A: I’m dying to travel more. This summer I’m visiting my friends in Denmark and hopefully will get to meet some lovely people around Europe (mostly Sweden and the UK). I’ve travelled before but never that far without my family – this summer it’ll just be me and my boyfriend so it will be a whole different experience!

Celia and her equally awesome Sister

Her boyfriend, Tyler, as Fry and Celia as Leela for Halloween.

Check out her blog here and see what all the hype is about. We DARE YOU not to fall in love with this stone fox!

  • Ash

    First I’ve heard of Girl-Guts. Thank you for the introduction. To Celia, too. A cool I can’t grasp.

    • ty

      We love both of them. Great style, good peeps.

  • Laura Ashton Barry

    This girl is such a belter! Love ‘er! And that hair makes me a jealous gal!