MEET OUR MUSE: Christine Carrasquillo of Saltwater Gypsy

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you must have spent the last year under a rock, because Saltwater Gypsy is BLOWIN’ UP. I mean, I think it’s safe to say we’re pretty obsessed. We borrowed from the brand for several look books and for the entire month of April, we hosted a SWG pop up shop in our Portland, OR flagship store (for those of you who missed the INSANE Solestruck Spring Break Party!) Sadly, the party is coming to an end, so in celebration of a successful pop up, we’re bringing you all things SWG right now, including the owner and powerhouse behind the brand, Christine Carrasquillo! She’s a mega babe, and we were so lucky to have her trek it all the way up from LA to be here for the Spring Break launch party. We even took her to a couple of our favorite spots in PDX, which may or may not have included a giant tater tot, loads o’ drinks, and some major dance offs.

Image from our spring lookbook, Daydreamers; featuring Saltwater Gypsy, Wildfox Couture, and Tnemnroda.

Name: Christine Carrasquillo
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Q: We love the feel behind what you do–we love the vintage elements, but that it is made so current. Is the vibe behind your collection directed from one specific muse?
A: Thank You! The overall collection from Saltwater Gypsy is very eclectic. That being said we gear to please everyone. Our vintage is focused more on current trends with also offering those staple pieces like the Kimono, which is timeless. We’re always musing over girls across the globe! Best way to see what we’re currently musing over is our Tumblr!

Q: In terms of kimono realness, how do you see it styled best?
A: Honestly the kimono can be worn in so many different ways! From lace bells, cutoffs, bodycon minis, vintage tees, maxi dresses, and so much more! We try and offer a variety of prints so it can be very versatile. You can either dress up or dress it down. It’s such a timeless piece that will be in your closet for years to come!

Q: More importantly, how was your KING TOT at Matador?
A: OMG, that thing was insane! I didn’t even know where to start. I had to do Portland right and give it a try! P.S. You girls know how to have some fun!

Q: Since we’re on the subject, if you were a fried food, what would you be?
A: Definitely a french fry!

Q: Cats or dogs?
A: Cats, I can’t resist a tiny kitten!

Good choice.

Q: What the one piece in your closet that you wear nearly every day?
A: My vintage black Chanel purse, it’s my staple for life.

Q: If you could be anyone from the past, who would it be?
A: Not sure if she’s considered from the past but hands down Stevie Nicks…I mean can we just talk about her closet? I would love to dance around in her capes all night long!

Q: Favorite spring trend?
A: That’s tough because there are so many amazing trends this season. I would probably have to say head-to toe bold tropical floral prints mixed with neon’s…I guess that’s two!

Q: If SWG were a shoe what shoe, would it be and why?
A: Probably a leather distressed fringe ankle boot! Style, fringe and comfort are a must over here!

Q: What’s next for SWG?
A: Working to move into our own URL! Etsy has been such a great launch for Saltwater Gypsy but we’re really looking to take it to the next level. Here at Saltwater Gypsy we’re all about mixing the old with the new. So we would love to bring in some affordable contemporary brands that will work back with our highly curated vintage collection. Stay tuned…

Take a peek below and check out some of the goodies in her shop right now:

Can’t get enough? Follow Satlwater Gypsy on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and be sure to check back on her Etsy shop for lots of new arrivals!

If you’re in the PDX area, or have some super nice friends who are– our flagship store will be running the Saltwater Gypsy and Tnemnroda pop up shop til the end of the week, all SWG Kimonos are 20% off! Available at 417 SW 13th Ave. Portland, Oregon.