Meet Our Muse: Developing a crush on Brad, from BCALLA LOOKS.

We have worked with Bradley of BCALLA on our last two editorials, he supplied hand made custom one-offs for both TO THE SOURCE, and a recent mini-shoot we did to welcome the new arrivals from FINSK. We love his site, his creations, and his insane sense of style. Check out a quick Q & A we did with him to find out more about the man behind those LOOKS de BCALLA.

+He created a top like this in black for our recent FINSK looks+

NAME: Brad
AGE: 24
SIGN: Gemini
LUCKY OBJECT: I have a giant necklace made up of all these charms and chains from various people and places including jewelry from my good friend’s deceased mother as well as some of my own family’s heirlooms. It’s both my lucky charm and my “statement piece”.
CELEB CRUSH: Justin Smith (famous English milliner)  or Bernhard Willhelm

Q: Bradley! We love using your pieces from BCALLA LOOKS project for styling on Solestruck. What is the inspiration behind this project, give us a little bio.
BCALLA LQQKS PROJECT came about because I was broke and wanted to launch a brand but didn’t have the overhead to produce a whole collection. With a little creative thinking I got the idea to produce a full LQQK every month and feature it on a website along with a MP3 from various new artists. With the LQQKS I get to do all of my favorite things every month- experiment with fashion, hang out with cute boys, and help promote my talented friend’s music projects.

Q: And in addition to that—who is Bradley? What did you study and what are you currently doing besides BCALLA?
I am a fun loving queen with a dream! I went to school in Chicago at SAIC. Our school emails at saic are the first letter of your first name and the first five of your last name ( My former roommate started to call me BCALLA and it just kind of stuck. You can usually find me out drinking with my friends in Brooklyn or in the studio with my studio mate Genevieve Clifford (also a sicking designer) watching Netflix and sewing. When I am not downing my favorite whiskey (Evan Williams on the rocks) I work at a bar in Greenpoint (Veronica People’s Club) and five days a week I am in midtown assisting the designer Nicolas Petrou for the label PETROUMAN.
Q: As summer is winding down in NYC what would you say is your persional look for fall? If you could give it a title what would it be?

My Fall LQQK would be called “Comfort Chic” I have to pump all over Midtown for work so I need to be comfortable as well as stylish. I am currently enjoying the benefits of a fitted shirt with cuffed straight leg jeans and an oversized cardigan is always a fall staple of mine. Lately I have also really loved wearing a plain fitted cap backward and I haven’t been able to take off these burgundy oxfords I thrifted in Kansas. I feel a white athletic sock is this seasons must have accessory. Oh, and I also know that I will be rocking as many Genevieve Clifford Tee shirts as she will allow after her collection launches this month, they are comfortable and sickening, I wore a sample last week and couldn’t walk a black without someone freaking out about it.

Q: Finish this sentence. “No, excuse me…mam, mam, mam_______________________ ”

“if you would let me, mam you have a tag mam, allow me to fix it.” (I do this at least once a week)

Q: What five songs are on your IPOD at the moment?

I don’t have an IPOD but I am a pretty awesome youtube dj,

Q: If yoou could be any cocktail what would you be and why?

Dirty Gin Martini-

Q: Fashion Icon: Bill Cosby or Crosy Stills and Nash?

Crosby Stills and Nash

Q: Current crush: Tom Ford or Tom of Finland, or Tom Selleck as Magnum PI?

Tom Ford dressed as Tom of Finland

Check out his site each month for his new LQQKS. The knowledge of the music he uploads monthly is
enough to get you laid at a house party in the very least.

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    FANtastic interview! That’s my boy.