Meet Our Muse: Genevieve Clifford

“Sex and female bodies, the men who love them, taking off the few clothes they are wearing only to reveal nothing but white or black. My works reveal the wild stereotyping of sexy women on the media.  Over stimulation, Internet diarrhea, low quality images; a constant bombardment of barely dressed, beautiful women making the same ‘sexy’ face in the same ‘sexy’ pose.  One body looking exactly like another.” Genevieve Clifford on her work.

You know here at SOLESTRUCK, once we get a crush on someone—it can become hard to shake. We recently were turned onto Genevieve Clifford, and fell in love with 100% of the pieces from her SS/12 collection: CAR BABES. While some pieces (above) are oversized screened unisex pieces—the cut and sew elements of her collection are as striking and provocative as the images her pieces house. We recently used a bunch of pieces from the CAR BABES collection for our upcoming 24/7 TBA lookbook shoot (which will drop early next week), once I saw the garments up close, felt the materials and saw the details and perfection—I just had to know more. I had the chance to meet Genevieve really quickly on Halloween night (ummm booozy)—and was able to get her email address and get a conversation going about her work, her life, her inspiration and what makes her tick. Keep your eye out for her—this work is amazing—and I am sure insane things are on the horizon from her. Enjoy.
NAME: Genevieve Clifford
AGE: 25
But I did have a myspace, I deleted it quite a while ago.

Q: We used pieces from your recent collection in our TBA 24/7 lookbook. The crew went crazy over them—and so did people on the streets of NYC. The prints are amazing—what has the reaction been to this collection—how long have you been working on this?

I have been working with ‘babes’ for about 2 years now.  But only started making these specific prints last year.  It started with maxim babes and its now car babes.  People say anything from ‘WOW’ to ‘That looks like porn’.  Its pretty awesome and totally gratifying to hear so many different responses and I am glad most of them are positive and shocked at the same time.

Q: We love the pairing of the graphic images, with very sophisticated and forward shapes, the juxtaposition is perfect. Tell us more about marrying these two concepts.

The prints i have been working with for some time now.  They deal with the idea of repetition and creating a morphed body.  When creating the garments from the prints I wanted to use the fabric like i use photoshop- cutting and mirroring the prints with the style lines.  I also used lots of slits in the garments just to play on the idea of sexy.  Like the prints that reveal only parts of these women, the slits in the garments only open up at certain times creating an alluring glimpse on the body.
Q: Who is the Genevieve Clifford girl?

Sophisticated and daring.  Ready for it ALL.

Q: On a daily basis who/what inspires you most?

Music videos and my partner in crime – Bradley Callahan

[A sneak peak from 24/7 our next lookbook, featuring Genevieve Clifford, as shown here with the TBA velvet wedge]
Q: What five things are always in your bag?

iphone /Small plastic zip pouch for money and cards/Burt’s Bees lip balm/Buxom amplified lash mascara  (the most intense mascara!!!! I love it.)/Stila eyeliner

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years.

Genevieve Clifford line, in the pages of magazines dressing amazing women.

Our full lookbook with several of Clifford’s pieces will drop next week.
Find out more about the designer and view the full work here: