MEET OUR MUSE: Getting real with Leila Shams

We love working closely with all of our vendors and shoe designers. However, after our recent lookbook, INDIAN SUMMER, our obsession with apparel designer Leila Shams started taking over. Over-the-top bejeweled pieces featuring, birds, kittens, crocodiles and lions collide to make the collection eye catching and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. As soon as we published the INDIAN SUMMER book, our FB and customer service team were hit with requests about her pieces–so we decided we would let you know more about the person behind this genius frock-brainchild. I mean sequined, over-sized cats? Yes please.

Leila recently dished via G-mail with solestruck team member Ty about all the things that inspire the collection and make her tick. Meet our Muse, the Leila Shams edition—get into it people. When you are done, get into this:, and don’t miss her blog!

Dear Leila

after featuring you in our INDIAN SUMMER lookbook, our fans have become obsessed with you. They are probably outside your apartment right now going through your trash, looking for a tossed out samples, or a lock of your hair. Needless to say, they want to know more. Take a peek below and let us know your thoughts. Don’t hold back, this is like your secret diary, but, well, published on the internet.


Ty McBride

Q: Tell us the inspiration behind the collection?
Leila: I designed for big companies for over a decade and there were a few things I was never allowed to do: photo prints, heavy embellishments, very short lengths. So that’s like my whole collection now

Q: Whould you say that your collection is a direct representation of your personal style?

Liela: Yep

Q: We love your blog, and are also obsessed with celebrity facial resurfacing! What are your three favorite blogs?

Leila: Man repeller, d-listed,

Q: Finish this sentence. “Who are you how did you get in my bed, please _____________________________ .

Leila: I am not in a position to be kicking anybody out of bed. Please make yourself at home.

Q: If we were going out on  a Friday night in your hood, where would you take us?
Leila: Well Brian would make us go to blackout bar, and we would fight all night about whether or not it’s a gay bar. It is.
Q: Current celebrity crushes?
Leila: I’m too insecure to have celebrity crushes. My crushes are like the fed ex guy

Q: Favorite vacation destination?

Leila: Anything all inclusive. When you drink as much as I do it’s really the only option

Q: What is on the horizon for 2012 with Leila Shams?

Leila: Reality show. Half-hearted dieting. Society wedding. Pregnancy scare. World domination.

Q: Finish this quote in a way that best describes you  Nobody is going to tell me _____________________________ .
Leila: Seriously Ty where do you come up with this shit? Is there anything you can’t do? Surprisingly thought provoking! Well i had a teacher at parsons that told me one day I’d have to realize I can’t always do what I want to do. Haha a fuck you teacher.