MEET OUR MUSE: Lena Fadeeva

Last month we got a glimpse of some MAJOR talent from the winners of our Miista Shoe Box Design Competition. They inspired us so much that we had to get into their heads with a little Meet Our Muse interview!

She’s a stone fox from Moscow with MAJOR design skills and a killer blog (Google Translate may be required hehe)! Check out our mini Q & A with her below:

Q: First off- Congrats on being a finalist in the Miista Shoe Box Design Contest! Tell us about your inspiration behind the design?
A: Oh thanx! I was really happy to realise that was a finalist for this competition. When I knew the theme – electrical witches – it inspired me, I immediately thought that it should be something that would have to c connectivity to a mystical, religious, and may even rave elements.

Q: What was your creation process?
A: In fact, everything happened very quickly. I decided, “I have to try it, I practically see the idea and I’m interested in the topic.” I watched the horror movie Viy at the momet, and I was so inspired that I immediately sat down to work.

Q: If you were a shoe, what would you look like?
A: The first thing that popped into my head – russian national sandals – «lapti» Well actually I can see myself than minimalist and utilitarian, like sneakers.

Q: If you were left on a deserted island, how would you get off?
A: Oh I really always wanted to get on a desert island. I would have probably enjoyed life and wrote a book and then read them myself

Q: What’s your favorite trend for Spring/ Summer?
A: I love minimal and sporty styles

Q: Favorite piece in your closet?
A: I love shoes, I have it very much. And I have a favorite dress with cats.

Q: What’s it like to live in Moscow? What’s your typical day like?
A: I really like to live in Moscow. It’s super dynamic city, everything is full of energy. My typical day filled with crazy – university where I am studying (Architectural academy) takes a lot of time, but I like it, for me architecture is so exciting.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve found recently?
A: Yesterday I found this T-shirt and now only dream about it

In case you missed her winning design, here’s a refresher for ya!