MEET OUR MUSE: Line Vanille

Last month we got a glimpse of some MAJOR talent from the winners of our Miista Shoe Box Design Competition. They inspired us so much that we had to get into their heads with a little Meet Our Muse interview!

She’s a babe from Montreal with awesome style, who not only models, but clearly has some incredible skills in the art department! Check out our mini Q & A with her below:

Q: First off- Congrats on being a finalist in the Miista Shoe Box Design Contest! Tell us about your inspiration behind the design?
A: the theme of witches and mystical power is very inspiring and thoughtful. when I did the fashion / baroque witch portrait I really wanted to highlight the imaginative side and mystical, i finally decided to put pastel color how chinese ink in place of the hair.The portrait has become more powerful like a electric shock !

Q: What was your creation process?
A: when I saw the contest announcement I was super excited but too tired to start drawing. then the days are past and arrived at the last day I pressed to start and finish in 3 hours. fast and furious drawing ;)

Q: If you were a shoe, what would you look like?
A: like a Valentino lace pump shoes by Philip Treacy. it looks like coral !

Q: If you were left on a deserted island, how would you get off?
A: I was born on an island. So I would stay and take advantage of the simple life and the nature before going on a magic carpet to find my shoe collection

Q: What’s your favorite trend for Spring/ Summer?
A: fabric lace and pastel color!

Q: Favorite piece in your closet?
A: i love alllll piece in my dressing room <3

Q: If you could have one thing in the entire world, what would it be?
A: create my own brand of clothing

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve found recently?
A: All day I’m looking for new accessories, clothes, shoes … yesterday I just discovered Ciat√© caviar manicure i love it !!

In case you missed her winning design, here’s a refresher for ya!