You may have spotted some of her pieces in a few recent Solestruck look books, and you guys went CRAZY over her cross sunnies in our Daydreamers behind the scenes pics on and tumblr, but here’s your chance to get to know the gorgeous gal behind the accessories, Samantha Smikle of Tnemnroda. Last month we hosted an awesome Tnemnroda and Salt Water Gypsy pop up in our PDX store and customers were dying over her rings, cuffs, and sunglasses– we even snagged a few for ourselves; welcome to my closet perfect crystal ring that I’ll be wearing for the next 10 years. Safe to say we’re obsessed, and you will be too after you read our Q & A sesh below!

Image from our spring lookbook, Daydreamers; featuring Tnemnroda, Saltwater Gypsy, and Wildfox Couture.

Name: Samantha Smikle
Location: New York

Q: Girl…give us the phonetic pronunciation of your brand’s name. What is the meaning and relevance behind it?
A: Ha! I get that a lot. It’s NEM-ROW-DA. Simply, it’s adornment spelled backwards. TNEMNRODA just came to me as the original idea for an exhibit I wanted to coordinate for the line but I picked it back up as the brand name instead. Representing depth and straight gaudiness, it captures inspiration from images of Egypt to Kelis and her milkshake.

Q: We fell in love with you when we used you for our TO THE SOURCE look book; the models were dying over your stuff, the stylists were gagging and we fell in love. How long have you been doing what you do?
A: Yaaas! Love that everyone at Solestruck lives for my pieces. I seriously get really excited myself when I make something new and fresh. I started dabbling in ’08 but I’ve rebranded the line TNEMNRODA, formerly known as Odd & Even under a more focused aesthetic.

Q: Besides the obvious fashionista and downtown IT-girl, do you ever get celebs working your stuff? We can see it fashioned for a lot of style-smart A-listers!
A: I def have a list of celebs in mind who I would love to see TNEMNRODA’ed out! Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, Mary Kate Olsen, Solange, Traci Ellis Ross and Harley Viera Newton… Beyonce’s Stylist, Ty has a pair of the Mia Shades…so who knows! Would be a dream for her to rock them!

Q: What’s your go-to for inspiration? In your daily life and for the brand.
A: In my daily life, for say getting dressed, I browse through all these images that I continuously collect and edit in and out of computer files named “profesh dress” “new style” and “dress up.” I think of getting dressed as a styling session so browsing looks I love as well as just having “me time” in the city helps me think and clears my head to see things with a fresh eye.

For TNEMNRODA, the gritty sensuousness of porn inspires me. The deep inherent value of precious metals and gem stones in Indian and Egyptian culture inspires me and I collect any images that conjures remembrances of those things for my reference. Tumblr is a great source, actually. My TNEMNRODA [] and my fashion blog tumblr [] are great eyes into what I’m inspired by. It’s all photos of fashion editorials, pyramids, elephants, glam things and booty shots!

Come on, how frickin’ cute is she?!

Q: If Tnemnroda could be a shoe, what would it be?
A: I have no idea who designed it. But it’s this shoe with a cross as the heel. So controversial and ironic. Walking on faith? But in sheer nylons and a bandaged mini! That’s TNEMNRODA: a bizarre twist of irony and amazingness. photo here:

Q: Girls have been going CRAZY over your cross sunglasses, will they be available on your website?
A: Thanks so much to all the girls who go up for The Vision shades!!! They are available on the shop site now!

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?
A: Well I’ve recently left my product development position at a well-known jewelry company whose last name rhymes with avitar. So I finally have the chance to really focus on my own line. I spend a couple hours browsing blogs and fashion news sites for what’s new in editorials and collections, I hit the gym, make pieces for open orders…I also meet with my business partners to discuss plans for the second series of an art exhibit that we’re curating called The Reawakening Series and I always try to find time to sit and work on my business plan for TNEMNRODA. It’s a dreaded process, but a must.

Q: Biggest crush right now? And why?
A: Oh Laith Hakeem! Hand’s down. He’s as fine as the sky is blue. It’s undeniable and he’s super talented, which is a plus but my tingles are only concerned with his face not his artistic merit haha . photo here:

Q: What’s next for Tnemnroda?
A: Upward and onward! Working on shooting a lookbook for late summer! Will be the first, watch out!

Images from our spring lookbook, Daydreamers; featuring Tnemnroda, Saltwater Gypsy, and Wildfox Couture.

Spring/Summer Lookbook by TNEMNRODA

Images from our mobile lookbook project, On The Road; featuring Tnemnroda jewelry.

If you missed it in the pop up shop, you can snag some of her unique pieces online, HERE. Also be sure to check her out on the usual spots– Facebook, Tumblr (Uhm, her Tumblr is AMAZING- so our new fave!), and for all things Tnemnroda, check out her website! And of course, you’ll be seeing lots more of this girl, not only in Solestruck related media, but all over the webs, cause Tnemnroda is BLOWIN’ UP!