MEET OUR MUSE: Sophie Dimitriou of Dark Vice

Last month we got a glimpse of some MAJOR talent from the winners of our Miista Shoe Box Design Competition. They inspired us so much that we had to get into their heads with a little Meet Our Muse interview!

This is a girl who definitely needs no introduction, mostly because we’ve had this pretty lady on the blog a plethora of times, but hey why not! Sophie Dimitriou of Dark Vice is our long running muse for everything Solestruck. She started out as a quiet customer who somehow was under our radar and once we spotted her, it’s been a deep deep love ever since. Her playful nature with acid vibing colors and kaleidoscope imagery keeps us constantly posting and reblogging almost everything she does, so when we got a peek at her entry for the Miista Electric Witches contest, we almost died. So much talent packed into one little body (albeit, stacked on some MAJOR platforms).

We were so excited to finally sit her down and pick her brain about her design, her digs, and what she’s obsessing over right now. Check out our Q&A sesh with her below:

Q: First off- Congrats on winning! Tell us about your inspiration behind the design?
A: Well, actually… this may make me sound like a tool, but usually I don’t have any inspiration when I design. The inspiration usually just comes straight from my head. I somehow think of loads of ideas daily (if you knew me, this wouldn’t be surprising, I’m constantly annoying people with all the random stuff I think about), that I just store away in my brain and hope to remember on a day when I have time to make something. Creating something for an actual brand is a little different of course. I have to make sure I’m creating something that will suit the brief, I suppose. In this instance, It was necessary that I have some sort of inspiration, to guide me in the ‘right’ direction. So the obvious choice was the Pinterest mood boards compiled by Miista and Solestruck. I also checked out the Miista blog (it’s pretty cool) and got an idea of the aesthetics they’re into. I tried to incorporate the styles they seemed to like and the idea of an electric witch into my own style with the hope of creating something bold and unique.

Q: What was your creation process?
A: Oh now, that’s a secret ^_~ No, it’s difficult for me to explain my creation process. I taught myself most of the skills I have through trial and error. Even today, I still incorporate new things I’m learning into my work all the time. I basically just compile or create different visuals, then I alter each one individually and then I try to piece them together in a way that looks decent to me. My files always have A LOOOOOT of layers. I use all my own photos. There is something that feels very fake to me, as a designer, when I use images that aren’t mine. If I ever use a stock photo, I try to alter it to the point that not even the owner could recognise it. Sometimes I scan things in, sometimes I add things from illustrator, sometimes I draw things, take photos of them and add that too.

Q: If you were a shoe, what would you look like?
A: Uuh, I would definitely be a black shoe! I would also be a wedge heel. I’d have a huge platform – Actually! you know what, I think it might be better if I attach an image for this answer.
Okay, it’s not the greatest image ever, but you get the point!

Q: If you got hired on for a super awesome space mission for 3 months, and you could only take 2 things with you, what would they be?
A: My boyfriend and hmm, assuming water and other things necessary for life were provided, probably my mac book pro.

Q: What’s your favorite trend for Spring/ Summer?
A: AAH, I HAVE NO IDEA. I live in Australia, remember? It’s winter here right now. Besides, don’t tell anybody, but I kind of hate summer. Australian summers are very warm and they don’t provide many fashionable options. I prefer all the layers and tights that I can comfortably wear in winter. If I had to guess though, I don’t mind all the pastel stuff going on, pastel pink and purple. That’s nice. Also those multi coloured cut off shorts are cool. Shame, I don’t feel like I can wear them myself.

Q: So, you live in Australia, what it’s like in the land down under?
A: What is it like living here? Hmm, let me think about that. Well, I’ve grown up in Melbourne and lived here for my entire life. I’m lucky that I live in the best city in this country hehe. Sorry Sydney! Living in Australia… well, when you go to school (primary school and high school) you wear a uniform. It’s very rare to find a school without a compulsory uniform here, so there is that. One tends to meet people from all over the planet growing up in Australia, so if you’re alert and interested, you can learn a lot about the world. Education, including University is basically free. Someone like me, who doesn’t come from a wealthy family, can still go to one of the best Universities in the country, which I did. Shout out to Monash! xD (without the need for a scholarship) People in general, are very polite here. When you go shopping, you can always expect to be asked about your day, people here like socialising, which is annoying at times, but most people love it. Our culture is to keep to ourselves. When I went to the U.S, people were shouting at me from across the street about my shoes, and once, while I was out shopping for food, this random in a car stopped near me and asked to take a photo. Yes, complete strangers. That doesn’t happen here, people will only ask if I’m talking to them in a store or something. Melbourne has a lot of good food, actually, not to brag, but our food is pretty amazing. Most restaurants, even the cheaper places, which I frequent, are quite good. There are a lot of different people here. A lot of ‘bogans’ (look that up on Urban Dictionary), a lot of party animals, a lot of sports obsessed maniacs. No, I am not a fan of AFL! There are also a lot of people interested in creative things, there are a lot of small, cute stores. We have a lot of awesome markets, Camberwell Market for example, is very good. Melbourne is a city with a lot of stylish people, I’m always checking out outfits in the city. I actually see more stylish people in Melbourne on a daily basis, than I saw in NYC. Oh, controversial! Maybe I was just in the wrong area. But seriously, this city is underrated! There are some amazingly creative people dwelling here. It’s inspiring. I do wish our stores were open later though, the one bad thing about Melbourne is that all our stores close at 5pm daily, except for Thursdays and Fridays. I loved the fact that in the U.S I could go out at 10pm and a lot of stores were still open!

Q: What’s your typical day like?
A: OH!! SO BORING. I usually wake up at around 8am – 12pm depending on how late I went to sleep. The first thing I always seem to do is check my phone in bed for new emails and facebook updates. Then I wake up and get dressed and think about what I’m going to eat. Yes, eating is a highlight of the day for me. After I get dressed I either go to my boyfriend’s house, or meet him in the city. If I go to his house, we basically just sit in his bed and watch random funny shit on youtube, or Pixar movies like Wall-E. If I meet him in the city, we usually just wonder around, or do stuff that needs to be done, eat, you know, the typical stuff. I always ask him to take outfit photos at my house. I wish I had the courage to have them taken in the city, but there’s always someone else around and I feel very self conscious and awkward. At the end of the day, I usually have work or I get called in to work. When I have time, I blog, comment on blogs, APPLY FOR JOBS (a design job), hope that someone will offer me a job, get stressed out about not having a job, then I go to sleep, wake up and do it all again.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve found recently?
A: Hmm, good question! I’ve discovered a few cool things on the web recently..
Grav3yard Girl
Lazybones Vintage
Holley Tea Time
Audrey Kitching Couture
Glitter Gal
These vintage platforms
Feeling Vague Vintage

In case you missed her winning design, here’s a refresher for ya!