Meet Our New Guest Blogger: GRIZZELLE

Our latest guest blogger is cooler than you, me, Mike Posner and just about everyone else. Meet GRIZZELLE, Duke of Tumblr-land. Mixing high fashion with street style and gender fucking, well, everything, this kid serves as style inspiration for Solestruck boys and girls. His sickness-level seriously scares us. Here, we interview the fashion renegade–with no professionalism, of course.

Hey Grizzelle. Do you actually go by “Grizzelle?”You totally could. It’s sort of a bad-ass name.
Yeah I do! Some people call me “Dominic” but I rather prefer my last name.

Cool. So Grizzelle let’s gets personal. ASL?
18, male with female legs (Naomi’s), Las Vegas

For readers who don’t know by now, who exactly are you?
I’m a blogger (, photographer and aspiring stylist.

About that blog of yours… why do you think it has become such a popular destination?
Geesh I don’t think it’s that popular yet, but maybe because I do/wear whatever the hell I want and I have such thick skin?

What common questions or comments do you receive?
“How do you walk in heels?” “Where do you get your clothes from?” ”Are you gay?”

What’s your personal style mantra?
It would probably be “WERK.”

And… does it have to be spelled that way?
Umm yes HUNAY! No spell check around here!

Who are some of of your unexpected style influences?
I would first have to say John Lennon. In almost every post, you’ll find me wearing a big-ass fedora and circle shades; and it’s because of that man. I respect everything he stood for and have a big framed photo of him in my room. And then Prince and Boy George–they literally started a era of male androgyny. They are the reason why I can walk the streets in red spiked Litas.

I’m sure your look gets you lots of looks. Any times your style’s gotten you in trouble?
I remember the first time I wore my Substitute Jump Ups to school, I walked into the cafeteria [...] and a dude came up to me, threatening to whoop my ass because I had them on. I had him in my third period class and he sat by me, talking crap about how terrible they looked; so after that day I was determined to wear them for the rest of the year.

WERK, Grizzelle.
Oh I did WERK! I’m 5’11 and I werked in 4-inch platforms.

Current bad habit–go!
It would Literally be buying shoes! I cant get over the feeling of getting a package of platforms in the mail! The sound of the tissue paper… the smell ….I sound like a creep!

Story of my life. And your dream Solestruck shoe is?
OWIE gurl let me tell you!!! I am Literally lusting over this one fall boot. I have no clue as to the name, but it’s a men’s Underground boot I’ve seen on Solestruck’s Instagram. It has a wedge and hasn’t been released yet! And, of course, the Classics by Buffalo 1348. Yum yum yum!!! omg I’m dying now LOL!

That Underground boot is the Izzue Ripple Sole Boot, and it’s going up for pre-sale soon. Sharpen those claws, they’re gonna go fast.
Oh in that case *puts on shades and gets nail filer

Your overall dream?
My overall dream is to inspire men to not to have a standard with clothing in the way everyone else sees it, and to just do what you love.

Spoken like a true Solestruck boy. And lastly, what excites you most about being our next guest blogger?
It might sound un-realistic but I had a conversation with my friend Micah a few months ago about how much I would love to work with Solestruck; and what do you know! It happened! I’m so excited to walk into MAGIC looking Fierce with my New Kicks and a Solestruck Badge–YES HONAY WERK!

PS! Drake or Breazy?
Eww neither! Although, I do catch myself harmonizing to “Marvin’s room” in the shower.

OK, fine then. Azealia or Iggy?
Well I’ve been with Iggy since the beginning, and she does make me want a 32-inch weave to swing around, but Azealia just got my heart with her new fierce song!

And he just got ours.


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