We are unloading a lot of new brands this spring, however, very few have created as much excitement as that of the newcomer HEAVY MACHINE. We should have the shoes up on the site by the end of this month—and we are elated to have the TAIWAN based brand as part of our spring offering. We recently had the opportunity to sit via email with designer Michelle Wu for an E-Hollywood style tell all about our new favorite collection. Read on to get to know Taipei based Michelle, and learn more about your next brand obsession. After you read this brief Q&A with Michelle we are confident you will fall just as hard as we have—HEAVY MACHINE—CONSIDER THIS A SHOE-MANCE.

NAME: Michelle I Hui Wu
AGE :28
SIGN: scorpio
LOCATION: currently in Taipei (2011/4/24)
TITLE at HEAVY MACHINE: co-founder/designer

Q: We love your brand and are so excited to be offering it on the site. What is a Heavy Machine exactly?

Shoes that can take you everywhere you’d like to be with confidence and belief in yourself without having to sacrifice your health nor your sexiness. Heavy Machine is not only eye-catching and chic, but also ergonomically designed to the shape of the spine. It’s light and comfortable, but with Heavy Machines on, you’ll have the power to crush anything in your way!

Q: What is the short and sweet history behind your brand….give us the who, what, when, and where?
We are a new brand of shoes for women. Yoyo and I begun 2 years ago, like kids playing a new game.We wanted to express our point of view about fashion, and have fun while we voila…Heavy Machine is born.

Q: If you could be any shoe in the world what shoe would you be?
Which shoes would I like to be….? Hmmm…..I would like to try and be all Heavy Machine shoes.Our shoes are named after different parts and characters of the world (plastic star, spectral visitor, underground cloud..etc). I think it’d be interesting to be a different character everyday to see and to feel the world from various points of view.
[Heavy Machine as seen on Style Bubble]
Q: If we came to your office on Friday at five….after we looked at shoes, where would you take us!

I’d take you guys home and have my dad make dinner for you all!!! (yeah! YUMMY guaranteed-staff Kathy)

Q: Who is your current celebrity crush?

I think i’m very much in love with E.T.
Q: Dream vacation destination?

At this moment, i’d like to go to Thailand or in India for a meditation-tantric trip with my boyfriend.

Q: What five songs are currently being spun on your IPOD?

the crimsong wing,

Robin Hood

You are so beautiful.

What a wounderful world

Michelle ma bella.

(p.s. it’s my boyfriend’s ipod)

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