MIISTA Electric Witches: TOP DOG

We’ve kept you in suspense, you’ve been sweatin’ and prayin’, and without further adieu.. the TOP WINNER of the Miista Shoe Box Design Contest is….

Dear Sophie, you have won not only the Miista contest, but you have won our hearts, yet again. This design is almost more than our hearts could take; it’s the epitome of what we would imagine “Electric Witches” to be manifested into and it has so much impact that the choice was clear. We couldn’t be happier with the results and we’re already biting at the bit to have these boxes sent to us!!

A little blurb from Sophie herself about Miista and her design:

“Miista seems like a powerful, unique, brand. My entry reflects these qualities, it’s bold, unique and mysterious, as would be a modern, electric witch. The detail and small intricacies reflect the fine craftsmanship and detail of the shoes Miista creates. The abstract, unique shapes and blend of colours creates a sense of secrecy and mystique, qualities that are essential in the representation of a spooky, witch vibe. I’ve not only created a shoebox, but an illustration, a piece of design that users can use as wall art, a piece to decorate the space around them. In this day and age, shoe boxes shouldn’t turn into waste, they should turn into decoration that the shoe owner can appreciate. My shoebox not only represents a shoe, it represents a complete, exciting experience that the customer can share with the Miista brand. An experience that can last in their personal space for a long time.”

Get inside her head a little more and check out her Pinterest board for the contest:

We literally freaked when we saw this and when Miista told us you were their top choice, we actually got up and danced around the office, so.. that happened. Congrats again on being so awesome and getting to have YOUR BOX made– not to mention, the SHOES! Can’t wait to see you rockin’ them soon!

If you don’t know who Sophie is yet, be sure you get yourself good and obsessed by checking out her blog, Dark Vice.