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The latest shipment of Miista fabulousness has got all our hearts a flutter, but these 3 styles in particular have got me all torn up!

Miista Cecilia

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Cecilia OTF

CECILIA: A classic ankle boot shape with a treaded sole and three thick leather straps. I love these even more because the buckles face the opposite direction of what they usually do, so they draw the eye in towards the toe and effectively shows off the shoe better.


Miista Ethel

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ETHEL: Same shape as the “Cecilia” boots, but with more of a classic cut-out boot construction on top. The top strap buckles in, but the lower strap is set in place and adjusts to your foot with the added elastic at the base. Plus, the Croc and iridescent materials are to die for. The black croc is a forever staple, but if you haven’t already noticed, these subtle metallics are trending hard for fall and spring.


Miista Dulce

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DULCE: Following up on that iridescent trend I mentioned earlier.. the Dulce comes in the 3 main colors we’ve been seeing this fall. The blue has a perfect mix of purple undertones so that when it catches the light, it plays off all the different shades. The pink gold has hints of copper within the blush pink tones that are so amazing in person, and the muted forest green is just mind blowing. It’s such a great way to branch out from an all black wardrobe.. juuuust slightly. Did I mention the glitter soles? Cause that’s a major bonus.


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