Winter is now in full swing here in most of the US—and with the new season comes a lot of new looks and trends for me. So many seasonal goodies going on for 2012–I can’t seem to lock down one specific vibe that typifies my dream 2012 Fall moment. I am not limiting myself to a new wardrobe—I am in need of a full lifestyle overhaul—music, makeouts, hobbies, obsessions, shoes, treats, haunts et al. However, a snapshot of all my current obsessions might help bring this into full focus.

I am obsessed with Safety.


(Solestuck X Buffalo Collab anyone?)

Everything on my holiday list is from Sky Mall.

Cowboy is the new cowgirl, and well, vice versa.

A nod to the classics—Linda and a solid biker jacket. (Image via Tumblr)

The return to the Turtle is in full swing. (image and sweater via

Just how I like em, tall, skinny, and a little heavy on the cologne. (Also via

I will be needing a few new statement pieces. BAM! (Via the future perfect)

My collection of black hats is getting out of control–but with these guys as my muse–I know I can push the look a bit further.

The Music and entire EVERYTHING of SSION still is ruining my life, and by ruining I mean making everthing perfect.

I want everything with corset details, am I into BDSM? So what. It also helps if it’s Haider Ackermann (via

And of course….Regina George is still trending in these parts……..

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