2 simple looks I shot with my Dolce Vita Jemma during the weekend! Photos by Sherman See-Tho


(Top Shop jacket, shorts and bustier, J Dauphin bag)
It was the only time it wasn’t raining last weekend so I met up with Sherman to take a couple of pictures with my new shoes, the Dolce Vita JEMMA, and I love how they turned out! I was kind of inspired by a bit of grunge and the fluidity of clothing, so the shoes (which I’ll go about in detail a bit later) were a great match to my outfits. Both paired with Top Shop denim that I absolutely cannot live without. It had been so hot that afternoon I can’t imagine wearing anything more than that. So YES! The shoes. They’ve been a dream to walk in. I’ve been going around school and random outings in them and they’ve been extremely walkable, especially with fuzzy winter socks, probably another weakness of mine. Even if its a 12 hour day on full-whack, these boots have been everything I could ask for. The arch of the boot took its simplicity to another level, something I can almost shout hallelujah for, because finally, someone understood all my needs in ONE SHOE! Just because they can be worn in hundreds of ways doesn’t give reason for a heel any lower than that. And how could anyone ever go wrong with black, really? Its been perfect and I am so in love with how the Jemmas make me feel, I honestly, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart……am so bloody thankful to have them in my wardrobe and came to a conclusion that I probably need a pair in warm grey to satisfy those days where you are allowed to be causal, but in any case, the shoes will do all the talking for you.


(UNIF Leopard dream maxi)