Model crush: Kristen McMenamy

I guess that almost everybody got a crush on models (yeah, some of You won’t admit that in public, but secretly You’re watching pictures of Freya Becha Erichsen or Kate Moss). I’ve got few really strong crushes on beautiful ladies. One of them is Kristen McMenamy.

I know that it won’t look too well, when I’ll write that McMenamy is like wine (even if I don’t drink) – the older, the better. Of course she is known for her damn hard work for huge fashion houses, especially Chanel. She became one of Lagerfeld’s muses. Black hair, huge eyes and amazing lips. So let’s move 21 years back. To Vogue.

Good, old grunge. Hell yes!

Nowadays Kristen McMenamy is older and she looks so damn good. Her beautiful long, gray hair, androgenic look, pierced nose and a little bit of a badass style makes perfect mix. Everytime I watch her editorial pics, I fall in love. Even if sometimes they’re kinda distressing. She was working with maaany huge names in the fashion business, but everytime I see her work with Tim Walker, I know it will be perfect. And it always is. No more bullshit. Just watch.

Balmain. Yessss.

And in case You haven’t seen Kristen McMenamy in Lagerfeld’s short film The Tale Of A Fairy, check it out HERE.