For our recent lookbook photoshoot we saw over 165 girls during a live casting on the streets of NYC. On the hunt for free shoes, and the chance to be the next face of SOLESTRUCK, they lined the streets of Soho at 7:30am. They came from upstate, downtown, Philly, Maryland, Jersey, The Bronx, Brooklyn and CT–our fans rolled up deep.

After gifting 100 pairs of shoes,  2 hours of interviews and casting an amazing crop of girls, we walked away with 8 perfect girls for our project. 8 unique women, who for one-reason-or-the-other, all caught our attention, captured our hearts and got the chance to appear in our TO THE SOURCE fall lookbook, which should be up on the site by July 10th.
Now meet our first IT girl: Elisabeth. We got her dishing about fashion, shoes, and her individual success!
Name: Elisabeth Lillie, but I go by Liz.
Age: 17
Currently lives in: New York City, but a Portland native!
Please describe your personal style in less than 10 words:
Liz: Downtown Street with heavy European influences.
What is your favorite thing about NYC?
Liz: The music scene, museums, nightlife, and of course street fashion!
What are your favorite shoes?
Liz: The pink pony hair “Wilma” by Senso. I got them for Christmas last year and fell in love.
In short, what/who is your inspiration for your personal style?
Liz: My fellow inspiring New Yorkers!
Who is your favorite shoe designer?
Liz: <3 Jeffrey Campbell <3
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
Liz: I don’t have my driver’s license…
Interesting fact that we here at SOLESTRUCK found out about Liz:
She is building her own jewelry empire! Visit her website and discover her amazing pieces and fall in love with her personal story!
[LIZ is wearing the KEVIOK lace up boot from Philip Simon, a new line we will be showcasing this fall. The already coveted oversized poncho is from Dolce Vita's winter collection]
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    You are gorgeous.