Monsieur Jerome

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You show us love, we show you love. It’s blogger 101. Solestruck code of conduct. One of my favorite mens-focused fashion journalists¬†Monsieur Jerome recently boasted on our behalf, featuring Solestruck Men’s on his site! HOLLERRR.

So, here are 3 reasons why Monsieur Jerome is on my daily blog checklist, and why you should ch-ch-check ‘im out yourself.


1. Style inspo. Everyone loves street style shots and seeing how other real people dress. Monieur Jerome’s trips around the world’s fashion weeks have me saying one thing this sunny afternoon: why is Winter ending?!?!?!?!

monsieur bobby

2. Keep in the loop. Bobby Abley is a designer MJ featured that I’d never heard of before. I am now obsessed. I don’t care if I’m a grown ass man, give me a fucking teddy bear and shut the hell up.


3. Style Profiles. I’ll be on that shit soon, mark my words.

Thanks again Monsieur Jerome!