More details to follow, but we are launching a brand new collection to the site and we just got our samples in today. Details to follow….thoughts? We are obsessed. We are dying. We are…..well, we are excited, let’s leave it there. Comments please! These should be for sale by Dec/Jan if all goes well. Swooooooooooon.

  • http://Website Sing

    Is that Acne?

  • Ashley

    Ohmygod yes!! Especially the 3rd pair, the brown wood-platform wrap around ones, LOVE THEM!!

  • Eboni Ife’

    Oh, me gusta mucho!!! especially the 3rd shoe! love it!

  • Michelle Kath

    Those shoes are SOOO GOOD! I’m really dying over the first pair..

  • shelby

    loveeee <3
    espec the 3rd one!!

  • http://Website Nancy

    Are those Friis shoes from Denmark? oooohhhh I love them all! the number three not that much, but the other ones love, love, love! please get them soon!

  • Arlene

    Wow. I’m absolutely in love with the second. I am a sucker for laces.

  • apparellel

    a big YES! amazing shoes and i would purchase them asap!

  • Nubby

    Wowza. I am dying over the second lace-up high-top version. Would buy immediately!

  • Margaret

    Oh. My. Golly.

  • Dash

    oh em gee! I am living for that last pair! Hope it comes in size 11.