On days like today, I often find myself bundled up in my comfy bed. I play my new favorite music, turn my blackberry off and dive into the often neglected depths of my google reader. Today is one of those days. Sushi was just delivered, it is 2pm, I haven’t eaten and I am knee deep in a blog k-hole.

As you know–we here at Solestruck are lucky to have clients of the highest caliber from all over the world. Men and women from every corner of the globe shop our site—and give us inspiration, feedback, and insights on new shoe brands etc. We scour the internet and international shows to find the most up and coming, new, fresh, hard-to-find and interesting shoes in the market. A lot of these leads are from blogs—so today I decided to ask you: What are your three favorite blogs? Which blogs drive you mad with inspiration, info and images that are dripping of goodness? Post your three favorite blogs in our comments here and we are going to check them out. We are on a MAJOR hunt for international bloggers, trend setters, taste makers and those at the forefront of what is next–so keep that in mind with your suggestions.
I have linked below three of my most frequented blogs which I guess I would file under: “YES PLEASE, I LOVE YOUR BLOG.” Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t, but for one reason or another they are my personal favorites I look to for inspiration on days like today. I am looking forward to your comments and findings.

I am currently obsessed with all things Nordic–and this brash off the cuff blog serves it up super hot–from the viking motherland. Amazing insider scoops, images and attitude.

No. 2 SHINYPLASTICHAG hails from California and was suggested to me by my assistant last year. I heard her yell from her desk…”This blog is like every dream I have ever had just exploded into a tumblr account.” I couldn’t agree more. I love the stream of consciousnes style of fashionisms on this blog. Lot’s of amazing accessories and and shoes are featured here on a daily basis.

No. 3 BLEACH BLACK is  a regular supporter of us here at Solestruck, and part of them is now based in Portland. However, in addition to that—I love the format and content of their blog. I find myself scrolling it for hours–loving the side-by-side approach to stream of consciousness posting by two people. I love bleach. Always the best in music, lifestyle, accessories and shoe–each post is literally dripping in sexxiness. (extra x for extra sexxiness!)