My name is Solestruck and I'm an addict.

Okay, so as it turns out, i’m running out the door for the holiday and certains keys on my key-oard are refusing to work. Can you guess which one? So i’m going to keep this short.

The winner’s for our ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS SHOES DAY IV contest are as follows….

Thanks to everyone who entered! You guys are gold-worthy hilarious.

I KNEW I WAS A SHOE ADDICT WHEN_____________________________

Danie Peikas : I knew I was a shoe addict when I face planted down my stairs and busted my chin.. and the first thing I did was check my Litas to make sure all the spikes were still in.

Susan Kraker: I knew I was a shoe addict when the Solestruck customer service people knew the date of my birthday, the name of my cats – my husband – my best friend – my postman, what I wore on Halloween, my favorite cereal, my political leanings, my deepest fears, my long term career goals, how I sound when I’m crying, how long I’d been in therapy, what I’d discussed in therapy, how I’d made my mother go into therapy with me (bad idea), how if my house was on fire and I could save either my husband OR my shoes that…I’d really miss him.

Jenny: I knew I was a shoe addict when I was walking in a shoe store and a pair of heels whispered in my ear: we belong together. I felt a butterfly in my stomach and thought, thank god I found you. One sweet day, honey, when I’m done with these other heartbreaker shoes (I mean, love takes time right?) I’ll be there, but in the meantime, when you believe, you will always be my baby. Then, I had to shake it off, (I don’t wanna cry in front of the store employees right?) and calmly walk out. I heard the heels yelling after me: don’t forget about us!
(WE’VE ALL -EEN THERE) — damn you non-working key-oard!!! -ut you know what I’m trying to say right?)

You keep us laughing and going hard. Next and final contest will -e announced later today!

image via joannefaith

  • Ash

    Well, the laughs make up for not winning. Congratulations, guys!

  • jenny

    just saw this, thanks so much solestruck!!!! i can’t wait to get some more shoes!!