So, there’s this boutique in Italy called “Slam Jam.” In fact, there’s two: one in Ferrara, one in Milan. And they’re basically… the shit. Hardcore street culture nerds will already know what I’m talking about.

Slam Jam is Italy’s   d e s t i n a t i o n   for street culture: art, music, design, cultural movements and fashion. In fact, Slam Jam considers fashion trends to be an “integral part of the artistic process.” Did you hear that, dad? In Italy, Im an integral part of the artistic process. OK?!

Alongside Adidas Originals and Mark McNairy, Slam Jam exclusively offers a footwear line called Forfex. A quick Google search on Forfex would easily reveal the psycho shoes these Italians are capable of. High quality and good taste drive the brand–straight to my doorstep. I didn’t waste even a second getting my own pair of the the Capocchia Nail. Rent? Hell, that’s not due till, like the day after tomorrow.

“Capocchia” means nail in Italian. It drives the point home: these aren’t part of the current spike trend. No, these are hand-made in Italy with real fucking nails.

Shit, son! Don’t blame us if a friendly kick turns you into a murderer.

Best part is, we finally got our first shipment of Forfex shoes, straight from Italy.

Click here to shop Forfex at Solestruck