Natalie Portman’s vegan line…not too shabby!

Natalie PortmanI remember deciding that I wanted to be just like Natalie Portman after I watched Garden State. She was carefree and quirky and beautiful. When I saw V for Vendetta, I remember thinking, Gee, you are really cool! Her acting…the shaved head…everything. And when I saw her as a host judge recently on Project Runway, I knew I had to check out this vegan line of shoes she had apparently put out.

Maybe you’re like me and just sort of buy what you like (and can afford). I never really thought about vegan shoes or shoes using sustainable materials. But now that I’m on the subject…why not? If it’s beautiful and durable, why would it matter?

Natalie Portman Pippa RedAnyway, so skeptical me moseyed on over to Te Casan, the boutique sponsoring Portman’s line. And…drum roll please…not bad! Not bad…at all! Can you really blame my surprise, considering that recently more and more celebrities have tried their hand at fashion (e.g., LiLo’s leggings, Paris Hilton’s shoes, Lauren Conrad’s apparel)?

Portman, a vegan herself and a vegetarian since age 8, uses lustrous fabrics and faux suedes and patents for her extensive (and impressive) line to make them eco- and vegan-friendly. Her shoes come in a variety of styles including classy heels, lovely flats, and demurely stylish sandals. With all this glam, it’s not too far of a leap to imagine the style queen wearing them herself! What’s more is that 100 percent of her proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and animal rights. All of it! That’s impressive!

I’m currently loving the Natalie Portman Pippa, a sexy patent mary jane pump, and the Natalie Portman Punch, a simply fantastic take on the classic T-strap peep toe with a gauzy pom-pom over the toe.

Natalie Portman Punch PintIf you love Natalie Portman’s vegan-friendly line but don’t have pockets quite so deep, check out a few of our favorite options from While we don’t specialize in vegetarian footwear, there still are options! Read descriptions for materials. Most shoes from the Betseyville line use synthetic leathers for their shoes, like the fun and flirty Janae wedge. Or check out the Sugar line, which also abstains from using animal products. The Black Tie Pie is especially worth mentioning.

No matter what you need, Solestruck can help you out!

In the mean time…it might just be the moment for me to curl up with some popcorn and the Other Boleyn Girl….




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