Win a free pair of shoes / New arrival sneak peek !

Lots of new shoes arrived today…  It’s a balmy 85 degrees in Portland…  & its Friday… so we’re giving away one pair of shoes from one of the five styles pictured below.

To win simply leave a shoe themed comment on this post in haiku form like this:

hot and humid now (5 syllables)
pavement scorches my thin soles (7 syllables)
time to go shopping (5 syllables)

For those of you who need a refresher checkout wikipedia or haiku headlines

One winner will be chosen at random next Friday. If you are a haiku hater keep a look out on our new arrivals page to buy these soon, or you can drop us a line if you cannot wait.

Cheryl Pastor was our haiku winner using with:

Stylish, tall and straight
My stiletto passions rise
Feeds my obsession

She choose the Jeffrey Campbell Roller in Black.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

jeffrey campbell roller $119.95

jeffrey campbell roller $119.95

jeffrey campbell biz $179.95

jeffrey campbell biz $179.95

seychelles all aboard $84.95

seychelles all aboard $84.95

seychelles boy short $84.95

seychelles boy short $84.95

jeffrey campbell flapper $74.95

jeffrey campbell flapper $74.95

  • Rosalie

    Oh how I love shoes
    My feet long for those seychelles
    Give them to me now!

  • Jessica

    Array of delight
    smorgasbord of many shoes
    which pair shall I choose?

  • Jessica

    Oh Jeffrey Campbell
    you are genius
    those cool boots mean “biz”

  • Debbie Dudley

    summertime shopping!

  • Naomi

    Omigod, flashback!
    those pointy buckled Biz boots
    recapture high school

  • Jessica

    On a balmy day
    why settle for two flip flops
    when you have sandals

  • Jessica

    Some may say I’m nuts
    the next Imelda Marcos
    she is my idol

  • Debbie Dudley

    summertime shopping
    always is the best indeed
    summertime shopping
    never find enough time for!

  • Jessica

    A different pair
    for seven days of the week
    never enough shoes

  • Kristen

    I loves me some shoes
    Would love to buy some real soon
    Maybe some Seychelles

  • Jessica

    You can take my clothes
    but can never take my shoes
    I’d go berzerk first

  • Jessica

    Rainbow of colors
    each pair tucked in my closet
    and under my bed

  • Nae

    Always shopping, why? (5 syllables)
    Fresh Soles always warm my soul (7 syllables)
    Darn I must pay bills (5 syllables)

  • Debbie

    Shoes are my sunshine
    A twin pair of cloud chasers
    Happiness with sole

  • Cheryl Pastor

    Stylish, tall and straight
    My stiletto passions rise
    Feeds my obsession

  • Ann

    flats,sandals, heels, boots
    strappy, buckles, laced and tied
    equals good looking feet

  • Ann

    what is happiness?
    wearing a great pair of shoes
    my life is complete

  • Anna

    Everybody needs a new pair of perfect shoes……Love them and will earn them…they will fit if they are perfect…

  • Katherine Stillman

    Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes
    Reminds me of butterflies
    Wrapped around ankles

  • liz

    biz wanted…sole searing leather and buckles

  • kay f kornegay

    shoes love em
    can not have enough of them
    flats flops heels peeps
    closet heeps credit card beeps

  • Deborah

    Greatest Look Around
    Whimsical Shoes That Delight
    Comfy Day Or Night

  • Deborah

    A Rainbow Of Colors
    Buckle up Slip On Or Tie
    Every Step Will Catch An Eye

  • Deborah

    Put Style In Your Step
    Slip On A Pair Of Saychelles
    Shoes That Walk The Walk

  • Deborah

    Strike It With Saychelles
    Wearing The Shoe That Turns Heads
    Slip Them On Along With Your Threads

  • Deborah

    SaychellesThe Wow Shoes
    Stepping Out In Sylye And Play
    Get A Pair Today

  • Deborah

    Correotion on last entry:
    Saychelles The Wow Shoes
    Stepping Out In (Style) And Play
    Get A Pair Today

  • Elaine

    never skip a beat
    wearing solestruck on your feet
    dance the night away

  • CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)

    New summer wardrobe,
    But shoes are old and ugly
    Feet, filled with anger

  • Deborah

    Put Kick In Your Step
    Slip On A Pair Of Saychelles
    Oh! To Your Success

  • Elaine

    My shoes lead the way
    while I work travel and play
    on my feet they stay

  • Deborah

    Save Your Best For Last
    Step Out In Saychelles Tonight
    A Perfect End To Your Day

  • Deborah

    Kick It Up A Notch
    Saychelles Shoes Delight The Soul
    Put Some Lift Into Your Step

  • Laura

    I Wake Up Every Day
    Dreamt All Night About Lovely Shoes
    Why can’t I quit them?

  • Laura

    Not Just For My Feet
    For My Soul and Heart Fulfilled
    One Step and I Am

  • Elaine Jones

    Sizzling Sole Sisters
    A left and a right,
    Sparkle and dazzle
    A hit for the night.

    A “Roller” for me,
    In Silver or Black,
    Just the right soles
    for many to see.

  • Shelley Goldstein

    How I do love shoes,
    No matter how big my hips,
    They will always fit.

  • http://solestruck KASH ali

    Blue cutour old or new
    Shoes are candy for your feet
    Gimme all you got.

  • olivia meza

    O sole mio!, like a work of art
    the syechelles shoes
    are a masterpiece.

  • Space Cowgirl

    Beautiful sexy
    on my feet feeling gorgeous
    love fabulous shoes

  • Felicity Murphy

    wrapped in soft leather
    butterfly wings round my feet
    smoothly i take flight

  • Christine Dwyer

    Boxes stacked everywhere,
    Glossy photos smile at me
    The girls want to strut!

  • Christine Dwyer

    Boxes stacked everywhere
    Glossy photos smile at me
    The girls want to strut!

  • Shawna

    Dreaming of new shoes
    to wear on my tiny feet
    style, comfort – sweet!

  • http://May30,2009 Lynda S. DiRocco

    Elegance, perfection and comfort to boot!

  • Terrian Woods

    they are calling me
    and beckoning from the shelf
    buy me, BUY ME NOW

  • Carly Hirano

    85 degrees
    Means sandals in Portland – YAY!
    ‘Til Fall rain returns.

  • Carly Hirano

    Quick – heels, flats; can’t fit
    All my shoes into summer -
    I need a Band-Aid.

  • Alice

    Puntas de mis pies
    tentación de color piel
    y yo quiero un montón

  • Jessica M.

    carrying my toes
    all knowing to and then fro
    looking down I smile

  • coco chappelle

    never too many
    make my legs and butt look great
    and they always fit!

    slip on instant sex
    or instant comfort-slippers
    either way, love em!

    this gave my fingers a good work out! haha

  • Judy N

    Straps wrapping my toes
    Tied enveloped buckled laced
    My soul is now free

  • apricot tea.

    dripping, splashing, wet;
    I wear sandals in the rain.
    God’s tears on my feet.

  • Jessica

    How I would enjoy
    a dandy stroll in the park
    new shoes on my feet

  • Jane L.

    shoes are my passion (5 syllables)
    whether mine or just leaving (7 syllables)
    footprints in my mind (5 syllables)

  • Jessica

    Yearning and wishing
    for buttery soft leather
    maybe synthetic

  • Jessica

    Never enough shoes
    to fill up one’s small closet
    time for more storage

  • Jessica

    Writing a haiku
    instead of typing paper
    fun wins over school

  • Jane L.

    shoes are my passion (5 syllables)
    whether mine or just leaving (7 syllables)
    footprints in my mind (5 syllables)

  • Jessica

    Oh new arrivals
    how I l want you on my feet
    and in my closet

  • Jessica

    Designer fashion
    can not afford you at all
    I settle for Vans

  • Jessica

    Guys in awesome shoes
    Vans especially are nice
    Yellow ones in fact

  • hy_brid

    This lace is too long
    I have tied the right and left
    What should I do now?

  • Z Halabi

    Solestruck and in awe,
    Decided to buy them all.
    Must paint the town blue!

  • Lauren

    Buckles, Laces, Ties
    What delight summer shoes bring
    My feet long for them

  • Kelly

    Top down, windows up
    The breezy air in my hair
    I want those Roller’s!

  • Caroline Seidner

    Flip flops on the beach
    French manicure on my toes
    Gladiator nights.

  • http://solestruck Marina age 9

    Heeled feet click the ground
    Buckles, straps, laces and ties
    Toes warm in the sun

  • Caren Brunson

    shoes are such passion!
    weak and (al)most vulnerable
    please quench my shoe thirst!

  • Chako S.

    hot steppin’ in june
    pounding the pavement all day
    in sky-high red heels

  • Lauren

    My feet crave for them,
    Shoes, glorious shoes: my love,
    My passion, my ruin.

  • Amy M

    Finding shoes online
    Is a journey to the Sole
    Wedges are the wings!

  • mannequin

    glide on gilded soles
    it’s heels, straps, buckles and bows
    take me to new heights

  • TonyaS

    Motorcycle babe
    Black leather silver buckles
    Wear with a Harley

  • Amy

    perfect cut outs and
    simple ties carry worn limbs
    through another day

  • Lauren

    Oops… I forgot that “ruin” was two syllables!

    My feet crave for them,
    Shoes, glorious shoes: my love,
    Passion, and ruin.

  • Thamar

    Jeffrey Campbell looks like heaven (5 syllables)
    They would be perfect with my feet (7 syllables)
    It would be such fun(5 syllables)

  • Lauren

    I want those cool boots
    so this is who you should choose
    I want those cool boots

  • elizabeth

    show you all my flaws
    but all you will remember
    are my fine high heels

  • Jessica

    Bellingham weather
    is so unpredictable
    gotta have rain boots

  • Jessica

    Leather or rubber
    satin, canvas, or plastic
    shoes are my delight

  • Jessica

    Straps, lace and buckles
    around my feet they are tied
    neatly and secure

  • Jessica

    Velcro light up shoes
    the ones from Kindergarten
    how I miss you Pokemon

  • Jessica

    Don’t you just adore
    the light, fresh scent of new shoes
    just out of the box

  • Jessica

    The best things in life
    so simple, sweet and lovely
    as a pair of shoes

  • Jessica

    Now matter how much
    a guy will dissapoint you
    shoes are always there

  • Jessica

    There is not one thing
    as therapeutic as a
    day of shoe shopping

  • Jessica

    Shivers down my spine
    excitement as I glance at
    a window display

  • Lillian A

    Oh! Beautiful shoes
    my heart simply cannot choose
    which I like the most

  • Natasha Barrios

    So many great shoes
    I want to buy them all but
    my closet is small

  • Eileen

    Hints of butterfly
    Will encircle my ankle
    With lovely new shoes

  • Jessica

    Oh my gosh holy cow
    two pairs of sneakers $50
    I gots me a deal

  • Jessica

    How I would like to
    win this contest for these shoes
    I love you solestruck

  • Jessica

    A garden snail’s foot
    is perhaps the only one
    that does not need shoes

  • Jessica

    I wish I had room
    for a closet soley for
    the purpose of shoes

  • Jessica

    My bare feet so love
    to feel new shoes wrapped up nice
    snug, warm and comfy

  • MaryLou Z.

    Love a pair of shoes
    Heels or flats, boots or sneakers
    Solestruck have the best

  • Melissa

    fat feet in flip flops
    skinny feet in stilletos
    ode to summer shoes

  • Courtney Long

    Things affect my mood
    I need lots of happiness
    Time to buy some shoes!

  • Cynthia Kaboom!

    O, my beloved!
    You who keep me on my toes –
    set my heart on fire!

  • Karla

    My head starts to spin
    True love comes clad with buckles
    Me, my feet and you.

  • Courtney

    Freshly painted toes
    Framed by shoes of beauty
    Freedom for us all

  • Courtney

    Let me count the ways
    shoes have set my heart afire
    dreams of dancing feet

  • Annette

    shoe in one color
    or three or two, match me
    in my jeans and tee

  • Annette

    dang it!

    I meant:

    shoe in one color
    or three or two, matching me
    in my jeans and tee

  • kathy

    A spring in our steps
    Color, height, whimsy , and warmth
    Cool shoes feed our souls.

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  • Natasha

    Cold and rainy here
    Winter please leave Wisconsin
    Only shoes can cure

  • Stacy

    Oh my, Jeffrey C.
    How those sweet shoes call to me.
    Be mine, pretty please

  • The Fashionable Housewife

    I have lots of shoes
    lovely jeffery campbell biz
    I lust for more boots

  • Lipstick Housewife

    Buckle me feet.
    oh so sweet.

  • Lipstick Housewife

    Buckle me feet.
    Oh so sweet

  • Lauren

    If only I had
    One more pair of divine shoes
    Please, just one more pair.

  • Lauren

    I am not alone.
    We all obsess over them,
    And crave for them: shoes

  • Jessica

    School so hot today
    sweaty, sticky, nasty, gross
    should have worn sandals

  • Poppy

    shoes keep me grounded
    more so the higher the heel
    none here, so i’ll pass

  • Aimee

    It must be a sign
    Roller wedges so divine
    Can you make them mine

  • MaryLou Z.

    I love the seychelles
    The black boy shorts are the best
    Hope I win a pair!

  • ariane

    Longing, waiting, praying
    Oh I linger from the smell of leather
    yet weep from the abscence of green

  • ariane

    a hiaku is actually 3 lines of up to 17 syllables

  • ariane

    O,,,now i get it!

  • Amy R.

    Box, paper, leather
    Nose and feet are full of love
    Heart is happy, shoes

  • Maura

    A tough decision
    What shoes to wear on my bike
    Heels will do just fine

  • Monica Moran

    So arch…stiletto
    sharp…exotic, erotic
    cleavage vamp you are…

    i created this haiku for an English composition class back in 1992! i am glad to be able to share this with a larger audience and i hope you all enjoy it!

  • Lauren

    boots boots boots boots boots
    boots boots boots boots boots boots boots
    boots boots boots boots boots

  • ben

    The tread wears quickly
    As ash follows the late flame
    Renewal must come

  • Lauren

    Italian leather,
    Stiletto heels, they’re all I
    Need for all my meals

  • miriam

    how do i get a free pair of shoes please help anyone.

  • J3SUS FR3AK!

    I luv da Jeffery campbell flappers they are soo cute they would totaly lok cute on my feet!<3

  • http://google joni nurse

    i love these shoes all are cute plz give me

  • http://google joni nurse

    i love these shoes all are cute plz give me plz

  • הובלת

    i love? selena gomez