New kid on the block

There is a new shop in the hood that we’re kind of stoked about here at Solestruck.  Jonathan Adler has planted a branch of his roots in the very fitting Pearl District, where loads of modern condo’s await the presence of his eclectic decor.  I first found out about Jonathan Adler years ago from my lovely aunt who asked me to buy this vase for her in my then homeland of Chi town USA because no one in Portland carried his line.

But alas, now we have a store and it is drop dead amaze balls and from the “24 hour pot dealer” vinyl on the outside windows of the store to coasters like these:

I think we just found a new place to spend our hard earned dollaz.  I mean really?  A boobie cookie jar?  Sold.


If your local go check out the store at 1165 NW Everett St. or visit the website!