Looks for Less Tuesdays: Nickel and dimed no more!

Do you love couture?

Wait, that’s a stupid question. I think we all love couture. High fashion is what makes the world go ’round, right?

Anyway, if you’re like me, you probably aren’t willing to shell out several hundred dollars (or even a few thousand) for a pair of shoes, no matter how fabulous they are. I mean, if I had that kind of money, I’d be contributing it to my student loans.

So, I just spent all morning scouring the ‘Net to find some affordable options that are still the classy-class and will make it known that you are a true fashionista!

1. Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it.

The ankle bootie.

Love it or hate it, it’s definitely here for at least the next season. So make the best of it! I found this pair of Rupert Sandersons on for a hefty $1,100. If you love the look but not the price, check out a similar pair for almost ten times less at

2. Oldschool T-Straps

Oldschool T-Straps

This trend surprised me as much as it probably did you. I remember when I was a kid, I had a pair of these thick T-straps (except mine were more of a flat), and I loved them to death.

Now these awesome oldschool pumps are everywhere! The combination of the sculpted heel with the colors and the thick straps make this a really playful shoe that’s fun with skirts and even slacks.

You can pick up a pair by designer Chie Mihara at Saks Fifth Avenue for $428, or you can get an equally adorable pair of Nina Anytimes from for a mere $71.95.

3. Pumps that Criss-Cross

Criss-crossing pumps

No, I’m not talking about the pop sensation. I’m talking about shoes.

Everyone loves a look that’s flattering. That’s why the slingback is in. However, the sweeping motion that comes with a pump with criss-crossing “X” straps is just as fabulous!

And I’m not gonna lie, but Christian Louboutin designs are premium. But so is the price. Get these patent beauties from Saks Fifth Avenue for $795. Or, if you still love the look but are on a budget, check out the Oh Deer! Gelato. It’s covered in shiny sequins and has a peek-a-boo toe. And you can get it at for only $79.95!

4. Gem Slingbacks

Gem Slings

Everyone all together now, breathe…ahhh! Weddings, prom, galas, fundraisers! So many fanciful events, and so little time. Of course you want sparkle. But not too much. Just enough to be breathtaking and gorgeous. Right, ladies?

If you love the fantasy look but also prefer skin-baring minimalism, slingback sandals encrusted with oversized jewels is right up your alley. You could settle for the Rene Caovila slingbacks from Saks Fifth Avenue…if you want to shell out $1,150. Or, you can try on the equally enchanting Nina Gordie from for a fraction of the couture price, at $89.95.


  • LuLu124

    wooow you have a wonderful blog!!!! these shoe matches/finds are really great, i especially love the bootie one (the find looks better than the original :D ) lovely ♥ xoxo, lulu :) ))

  • Danielle

    Thanks, LuLu!! I’m thrilled you like it! :)

  • BDaddy

    Terrific post. You rock it.

  • Budget Chic

    Lovin the bootys and the criss-cross pumps. The Oh Deer! pumps are very, very close. You can definitely do a look-for-less on that one!

  • Sal

    Wow! Great alternatives.

  • tiffany

    So glad I stumbled on this blog, I’ve been looking for grey ankle booties, the report ones are perfect for me!