Nina Gaticus is fit for a Disney princess

Nina Gaticus sandalsWhen I pulled the first pair of Nina Gaticus sandals out of their box to write a description for the site, I was almost overwhelmed by the vibrant combination of colors and sparkles. But as I measured the 1/2″ platform and 3 1/2″ covered heel, studied the contrast between the dainty ankle strap and the broader woven vamp, and considered the fashion possibilities … I decided they’d be ideal shoes for my favorite Disney princesses!

Think about it. The Nina Gaticus in Summer Red Fishnet (left) pairs brilliantly with the Little Mermaid’s gorgeous red hair and youthful personality. And think of the purple seashells or pink and purple ballgown Princess Ariel wears … can’t you see how they fit together?

Next in line is the Nina Gaticus in Summer Purple Fishnet (center). The softer purple shade is an almost perfect match to Princess Jasmine’s ensemble (not her typical teal pantsuit; I’m talking about the dress she dons about halfway through Aladdin).

Can you guess which princess the Nina Gaticus in Turquoise Fishnet Leather (right) belongs to? With those precious baby blue hues, it couldn’t be anyone but our beloved Cinderella. After all, her trademark glass slippers can’t really be that comfortable.

Finally, the Nina Gaticus in Platino Fishnet Leather (not pictured) is the most traditional of the bunch with its metallic gold and silver. Given its more subtle nature, it seems a ideal fit for our favorite book-reading beauty, Belle.

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