Nobody likes a dead cat for a gift—except the judges of this contest! And the winner is….

We will admit, it was very hard to pick a winner for the WORST GIFT EVER contest–between creepy lingerie gifts from step-dad and grandma, to tacky and scary re-gifting–our sides were splitting as we read the nearly 100 entries for this free pair of Jeffrey Campbell Woodies! However, therey can only be one winner–12 days-12 shoes—12 winners!

We will admit the above picture totally sealed the deal for Beth Ford Musni who posted the following sentiments on our FB page…..

“The first present my boyfriend ever gave me was a cat. Now, you think this would be a fantastic gift full of life and love, right? Let me dish out a few details here. It was not a live cat– it was a cat figurine covered in fur. My boyfriend attempted to convince me that the cat was a taxidermied cat. He had sought out… this cat after my sister moved out, taking our shared cats with her. So, really, there was a lot of thought and heart put in behind this gift. The cat, from what I can tell, is not actually a taxidermied cat, but I swear I can feel a skull underneath all of that fur. His name is Joey Fatone, and he sits proudly on my bookshelf.”

What makes Beth a winner?…Well, we already stated the love of her photo–but we alos loved that not only is this gift terrifying and a bit scary—but she also named it after our favorite boy-bander of all time and still displays this horrendous gift on a shelf! We were like this girl needs some free shoes—and there you go BETH!

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