So, I’ve been listening to a lot of TLC / Country Grammer Pandora lately and it’s got me all caught up nostalgia of when I was growing up and how these songs were my EVERYTHING. You know how it is. You’re like 12, you have no idea what half of the things being talked about even are, but somehow, they just.. get you. Or you’re discovering for the first time what a tootsie roll is and how to perfect it. Either way.

I was around in the long long ago, the before time, that time when the very first ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ came to be. THE FIRST ONE. You feel me? I used to sit there and think “How weird will it be when there’s like, Vol. 40!?”. Now, we’ve gone waaaay past that. I mean, we’re on like, what? Vol. 182 now? At least it seems that way.

Anyway, so it got me thinking that I’m going to start doing a regular blog feature called ‘Now That’s What I Call Nostalgia’ and include some of the songs from my oh-so-awkward-and-confusing childhood that I’m diggin’ at the moment.

Behold, the first installment (not in order of date released for you nitpicking freaks):

Oooooh, this song. It. was. my. anthem. Well, my lonely, self pitying, JUST LET ME LOVE YOU anthem. This is when I’d pretend that boy who sat 4 desks down and lent me his jacket that one day actually was my boyfriend and we were going to ride off onto some dirt road and escape all the boringness of school life and being 14.

Man, she was so hot. Like the outfit, the hair, the everything. A one hit wonder, but I loved her all the same. I remember I had this cd- it was literally just this song and some weird ballad for the other track. It doesn’t even matter, no one cared about that song- this was the one I blasted over and over in my grandmas house during the summer.

And this is when I would get all (completely unjustified) protective of said boy crush mentioned earlier. Sassy is as sassy does and no, you can not wear his track jacket because I’m wearin’ it, BITCH. I was always ready for a throwdown after to listening to this one.