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Our second N.T.W.I.C.N. post is dedicated to one very specific (and uber dramatic) moment in time – Mariah vs. Marshall. Immediately, you should be flooded with lyrics like “Why you so obsessed with me, boy I wanna knowwwww” and “lyin’ that you’re sexin’ me, when everybody knows”. Yes, I’m talking about that fateful Mariah Carey Eminem diss fest back in 2009 over an ‘alleged’ 6 month hook up in 2001 when she flipped her lid and went to the hospital for ‘exhaustion’ (and stripped on TRL- omg the memories).

The reason for this dedication is because the other night it came to light that our PDX Store Manager had no idea this even happened!! I know.. I. KNOW. So, while explaning what went down to her whilst listening to before mentioned diss tracks, I knew this post had to be.


Regardless of your feelings for Mariah or this song / video in general (don’t even get me started), “Finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress, last man on the earth still couldn’t hit this” will forever be iconic to me. I mean, such a good line for any dude who can’t take a hint. Things I do love about this video though: It’s basically her MTV Cribs episode moonlighting as a music video – she’s more obsessed with herself than he probably ever was and to be honest, I effing love it. Also, that her (very weird and totally not believable) portrayal of him was sooooo unnecessary – but aren’t we glad it happened?

Now here’s where it gets real. Oh, Marshall.. oh, slim shady.. you went there. You frickin’ went there and back again. Personally, in my opinion – homeboy won this war. Not a word and sadly, another diss track, was made after this came out (unless you count Nick Cannon’s, but come on, who cares).