Now YOU gotta help us choose the winner!

We received over 300 entries for the Jeffrey Campbell Santa’s Lap/Wishlist challenge. Some images were scary, some were horrifying and some were side splitting. Here is what we have done—and we need your help! Below are the finalists….but only one can win! Cast your vote by leaving a comment letting us know who is the winner—we will gather votes for 24 hours—and announce the winner tomorrow morning…
(Basically–i went through all the entries…and I got rid of any duplicate entries—then I narrowed it down kind of by categories….enjoy! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!)

Finalist number 1. Okay we rec’d TONS of images of “the crying baby” Santa situation—but this one we loved the most. Why? We love that this mom makes her daughter do the visit annually, dolled up, dressed to perfection–even though it is clear she isn’t looking to be BFF with Chris Cringle! We cannot wait for her 2010 card! If you like this one…vote for No. 1!

What’s even better is these were submitted by the Mom’s good friend…she was like…”give me those boots!” LOVE IT!

Finalist No. 2 I call this one, Late 1970′s West Hollywood Santa. I love this entry, also my mom had that chair growing up! If you love this one…vote for No. 2. And is it me…or is Santa’s hand moving up the thigh! Santa!

Finalist No. 3 So so so many strange things going on in this photo—i guess my first reaction was…”Hmmm boy or girl?” Then I was like…”OMG two broken arms and still at some crappy mall in Detroit…welcome to the finals!

Finalist No. 4. Not only did your mom forget to tell you that Santa wasn’t real–well she also forgot to mention that he had passed away.

And finally Finalist No. 5. I got so many strange, and I mean scary pet submissions….but I like this one….thoughts?

Okay—Sorry, one more…there were so many good ones! Finalist No. 6. I chose this one because I love old photos—and I couldn’t help but wonder what she was asking Santa…like “For X-mas, fix my underbite?” This photo was submitted by one of our many Jewish fans who is currently celebrating Chanuka—and what better way to celebrate than free boots! If you love this one vote No. 6



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